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7 Reasons You Should Start A Business

Starting a company may be an exciting and intimidating prospect. Entrepreneurship has enormous advantages and benefits, despite potential dangers and difficulties. Starting a business allows you to follow your passions, become financially independent, and gain significant effect in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving world. This article lays out seven strong justifications for starting your own business.

1) Exposure:

When you launch your company, you look after everything. You must conceive the concept, create the good or service, promote it, sell it, and offer customer support. You gain broad exposure to all facets of the company, which can be beneficial in the long term.

In contrast, you usually concentrate on one aspect of the business when you work for a firm. For instance, you could work as a marketing manager, salesperson, or customer service agent. It can be constricting because you cannot learn about other facets of the company. When starting your firm, you are mandated to pick things up quickly. The luxury of having someone else show you how to do stuff is not an option for you. Although challenging, it can also be rewarding. Your business will expand as you learn and develop.

On the other hand, you might not be as motivated to learn new things if you work for an organization. You can feel at ease with the current situation and not see the need to push yourself. Your career may become stagnant as a result of this.

2) Being Your Own Boss

A terrific way to become your own boss is through a business. It has the opportunity to establish your objectives when you are your employer. Your success or failure is also your own fault. 

According to some research, you are less likely to follow instructions when someone tells you to. The brain is less likely to be motivated to carry out these instructions. After all, it perceives them as originating from an outside source. When you are your own boss, you are giving orders. It makes it more likely that you will be motivated to follow through.

Starting your own business also teaches you how to be self-motivated and problem-solving. Additionally, you pick up excellent time and resource management skills. All of these abilities are necessary for being a successful entrepreneur.

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3) Paying Yourself First:

If you have read The Richest Man in Babylon, you must know about one of the highly regarded doctrines to build wealth. And that is “Pay Yourself First.” One of the main reasons a job lets you remain in a trap is how you get paid for your work. When you earn a salary, you get paid after the tax deduction, so first, the government is paid for your work, and then you get your share.
So consider a 30% tax bracket; you tend to work 4-5 months for the government and the remaining months for yourself. 

And for people living in India, the cost of GST adds up to additional months of working for them. The whole process thus enslaves a job doer as much of the time gets wasted, earning for others.
So in a job, first you pay tax, then spend money.

But when you have a business, you choose your earning and the taxes you pay to the government.
The best feature of having a business is you get to write off the expenses from your revenue and anything remaining, then pay the taxes on them.
So it’s first spending and then taxes.

Especially if you are a small business owner or a small team of 4-7 people, you can even add your home’s expenses under the company’s name and enjoy better benefits.

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4) Higher Value of Your Time:

Your time gets split between responsibilities given to you by your boss when you work for a corporation. It may be effective in the short term but may have long-term limitations. Consider starting your own business if you want to maximize the use of your time and get more control over it.

You choose the projects you work on as a business owner. It implies that you can concentrate on the activities for which you have enthusiasm and competence. You can also assign duties to others, which gives you more time to focus on crucial things.
A business can help you get a greater long-term return on your time. It is so that you may concentrate on what you are most skilled at and are passionate about. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to broaden your knowledge base and pick up new abilities. It may result in a more satisfying and lucrative career.

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5) Business has a multiplier, whereas The Job Does Not:

 Your efforts are constrained by the parameters of your employment when you work for an organization. Even when your work successfully, the company’s size and resources will eventually limit your impact.

However, your efforts get multiplied when you own a firm. Your diligence and hard work creates a noticeable impact on the company’s success, which could result in exponential growth.

Let’s take the scenario where you launch a small business selling handmade jewelry. You can earn money if you put in a lot of effort and sell a lot of jewelry. However, you can build a far bigger business if you also take the time to teach and hire others to assist you in making and selling jewelry.

You can make and sell more jewelry if you employ more workers. Additionally, you make more money the more jewelry you sell. The multiplier effect is in action here.

Moreover, when you wish to sell your company and cash out on your hard work, you get to sell the company for much more than the annual revenue. Maybe 2x,4x, or even 10x if it’s that much valuable.

But could you do that in a job? Could you ask to double or triple your salary based on the previous year’s performance? I don’t think so.

You get bounded by limitations.

6) Your Earning Is Independent of Your Time:

The chance to earn more money than you would work for someone else is one of the most alluring features of running a business. In reality, as their business succeeds more, many business owners discover that their earning potential grows with time.

It is true for several reasons. First, you are not constrained by how much time you can work as a business owner. As your firm expands, you are free to work as much or as little as you like and assign responsibilities to others. It implies that you might be able to increase your income without working longer hours.
Second, you might start selling more goods or services as your company expands. As a result, your revenue will rise, bringing in more money for you.

In addition to the financial advantages, starting a business might increase your ability to generate money for other reasons. You will have more influence over your job life, for instance, if you run a business. You can choose your schedule, work from home, and take breaks as needed. It may result in a more satisfying career and improved work-life ba

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7) Better Use Of Compounding:

You can reach your financial objectives with the help of the compounding effect, which is a strong force. Each dollar earns interest on itself as it grows over time, which is how it works. Your financial situation thus shifts from linear to exponential growth.

Starting your own company is one of the best ways to benefit from the compounding impact. This is so that you can potentially make more money when you own your firm than you would if you worked for someone else. Your ability to reinvest your income as your company expands will help it expand even more quickly.

Consider starting a business with $10,000 as an illustration. Your company will be worth $11,000 after a year if you can generate a 10% return on your investment. After two years, your business will be worth $12,100 if you put the $1,000 profit back into it.

As you can see, the compounding impact can assist in the long-term exponential growth of your company. This is so that the company can continue to make money by investing its profits back into it.

When you work for a living, in contrast, your earnings are often restricted to your pay. As a result, your income won’t increase rapidly over time.


A terrific way to become financially independent and create something that is genuinely yours is to launch a business. Before committing, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Numerous factors might influence a company’s success, therefore there is no assurance that you will succeed.

You risk losing money or possibly going bankrupt if you are not careful. As a result, it’s crucial to thoroughly prepare your business before you launch it.

Here are some recommendations for launching a business:

  • Make research. It’s crucial to conduct market research and comprehend your target market before starting a firm. You must understand your target audience, their needs, and the best way to meet those needs.
  • Plan your business. A business plan serves as your company’s road map. Your objectives, strategy, and financial projections should all be included.
  • A hard day’s labor is expected. It takes a lot of work to launch a business. You must be willing to put in a lot of work and make sacrifices.
  • Be tolerant. Building a successful business takes time. Don’t count on getting rich quickly.

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