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Title: Zero To One
Author: Peter Theil and Blake Masters
Genre: Business
Publisher: Virgin Books
Pages: 195 pages
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Zero To One: Book Review

Peter Theil is a famous American entrepreneur recognized for his works in Paypal and for becoming an early investor in top-notch products such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and SpaceX. When you look at these names, you will realize that Peter has a great success rate when picking up companies that revolutionize the entire industry. Zero to One, written by Peter, is a book where you will find out how he thinks and what makes his personal check box tick off before he invests in such companies.

Peter being a technological business and startup expert, has written Zero to One in such a manner so that the readers, especially those who belong to the technology genre, can discover the fundamentals of making revolutionary products and services. The book provides a good stream of questions that checks the viability of the business, its success rate, and the effect it can create.

A great rule you’ll find in Zero to One is the improvement factor one must come up with to create an impact. Peter says that whenever you build a product, it should be 10x better than the one in the market. Just think about it, if a product is 2-3x better, will some people drop the old product? I don’t think so. The resistance would be too much to leave the product unless it is too great. Think of file sharing via Bluetooth versus the ShareIt App or other media transfer apps. They were so fast and advanced that hardly anyone uses Bluetooth transfer anymore. It is the kind of advancement Peter talks about in his book Zero To One.

If you are a tech entrepreneur, you must have already read this book. If not, I recommend you read this book for the weekend and gain valuable insights.

Zero To One: Book Summary in 3 sentences

  1. Create business with the right values and objectives.
  2. Learn the habit of asking the correct questions in a business.
  3. Big companies try to show itself small against to small companies who attempt to show themselves very big.

Who Should Read It?

Tech owners should read this book as it will help them align the business with right values. It will allow them to prosper and gain sufficient command on the business.

Top 3 Quotes

  • Network effects can be powerful, but you’ll never reap them unless your product is valuable to its very first users when the network is necessarily small.
  • The best place to look for secrets is where no one else is looking.
  • It was much easier to reach a few thousand people who really needed our product than to try to compete for the attention of millions of scattered individuals.

I’ve compiled notes on some of the key topics in the book which can give you a better overview of the content you’re going to find in Zero To One.

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Zero To One Notes

1. The Challenge Of Future 🔮

  • Better environment is led by technological advancements.
  • Globalisation leads to more things of same type.

2. All Happy Companies are Different ⌨️

  • Monopolies have the incentive to work on the future technologies.
  • Monopolies create opportunity by heavily investing on least focused thing.
  • Monopolies present themselves as normal businesses to prevent unwanted scrutiny.

3. The Ideology of Competition 🥊

  • Competition is good until it distracts you from your own objective.
  • Merge with your competitor when you find that you can create better values together.

4. You are not a lottery ticket 🎫

  • Building something revolutionary requires careful planning of where you want to go.
  • Do not try to go with the flow and build whatever is popular. Keep your vision in mind.

5. Follow the Money 💰

  • Utilise compound interest for your own benefit.
  • Do what is already working, Grow it for more income.

6. Foundation 🏗️

  • The early decision leads to maximum impact. Carefully observe the culture in your business.

7. The Mechanics of Mafia 🥷

  • Choose teammates with whom you want to hang out after work.
  • Understand the reason why anybody would want to work with you.

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