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5 Benefits of Making Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed seems like such a naive idea. How could it bring life-altering differences in one’s life?

Have you ever thought of improving or bringing a change in your life? My guess is you have. Everyone thinks of living a better life, living up to their potential, and delivering a change to the world. Well, you can, and to do it, you don’t need to be a Pd.D, a soldier, or somewhat with too much money in their bank account. Living up to your potential does require genetic traits but a series of well-made choices whose combined efforts let you bring out the best of you. And the basic of those is making your bed every day after waking up.

Let’s find out:

#1 Makes You More Disciplined In Life

On the face of it, making your bed doesn’t seem like such a difficult task. But waking up in the morning, sometimes still sleepy, makes it challenging. Who would in the right mind think of tidying up your bed when the first thought that comes to your mind is to check your phone?

But, if you forcefully train yourself to prioritize making your bed, you develop your muscle memory for discipline, for doing the hard but the right things.
Thus, the effect of it transcends into other areas of your life, and you become more capable of doing better and more significant

#2 Makes You Feel Calm

When you see a well-made bed, a flat surface with no crease and no mess, it creates a pleasing visual for your eyes.
And you very well know that visually pleasing images promote calmness and soothe your mind. So you’ll be starting your day on a happy note itself.
Having a calm mind is an elixir in today’s time. You find information overload where ever you look, making you restless and taking you into a panicky mode type situation.

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#3 Improved Focus

Consciously deciding on making your bed develops your muscle memory to focus on little details when overlapping with other parts of your life, helping you do better at work.

#4 Elevates Your Mood

Making your bed immediately after waking is the first duty on your daily to-do list. You have successfully completed the task. It provides a sense of command and helps you establish authority over your day.
And how do you feel when things go according to your plan? You feel relaxed and happy. Humans feel the best when they think they are in the driving seat. It provides a sense of accomplishment.

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#5 The Domino Effect

Doing the little things right has an enormous domino effect on your life.
Making your bed is like a keystone habit. You will find the mention of the Keystone Habit in The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg, where he explains that these are those crucial sets of routines; when done correctly, acts as a trigger of another good practice repeating the same process until you become your better version.
With the development of attention to detail and improved focus, you can make better decisions in life, helping you achieve the goals you set out to.
Ultimately you plan better, you do better, and with gradual improvements in your life, you become better.

Bonus: Develops Delayed Gratification

Making your bed instead of checking up on your phone helps you with other things in life. Fighting the temptation and urgency develops the habit of delayed gratification. You are prioritizing your current objectives, which helps fight impulses.
And boy! does it prevents you from going broke with so much online shopping. Developing a habit of delayed gratification contributes so much to your financial success.


Give the habit of making your bed a try and see for yourself if you find any appreciable change in your life.

If you find the time, do give read Make Your Bed By William H. He is a retired Navy seal pouring his experience into his book and signifying the value of how a simple act of making your bed every day leads to such jaw-dropping growth in life.

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