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Introduction can be tricky sometimes. But let’s give it a try

The idea of Informed Nation began as a personal project. A kind of archive for motivating and educational content. A place where you read something, find it worthwhile and practical, and feel there is a possibility to excel. Informed Nation has been created with the purpose of helping you overcome the vicious cycle of bad habits and realize one’s true potential by focusing on self-education.


To begin with, reading textbooks, especially self-education books, was one of the most straightforward options.

These books are rich with ideas and provide good suggestions. So we started writing book reviews to share our thoughts with the readers. Due to this, there is a library section where you can read our views and insights about the book and figure out whether you require it.


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Among other things you’ll come across are detailed articles on a critical topic that helps you grow. It could be anything from creating a proper routine to how to have a sound sleep. It could be from having a balanced diet to help you wake up early in the morning.

You get the gist!


We give our full efforts to make an article as detailed and researched as possible, and many times the self-help books come to the rescue.

But that is not it. We do not at any sort claim to be experts in these fields and we are not those “know all” type people, and nor should you believe us to be. We are just people who find something interesting and if we feel that somebody is going to benefit from it, we post it online. Consider us as your buddy, one with whom you can discuss ideas. Convey something new. Learn something exciting.
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To sum up, Informed Nation is brought to existence to give our share of efforts in making a better nation, a productive nation, and thus an Informed nation.

And do give us an opportunity to fulfill it.

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