55 Questions To Ask Yourself

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Title: 55 Questions To Ask Yourself

Author: Manoj Chenthamarakshan

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 54 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

55 Questions To Ask Yourself: Book Review

Every time you listen to a famous person, you would find out they used to talk with themselves too much. These personalities constantly questioned their actions, future steps, and many more.

There is a famous quote by the legendary Steve Jobs, ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’

Turns out, constantly asking questions keeps you in check and prevents your wandering out in the ocean without any direction.

I wanted to learn about this method, so I picked up a great book from the Amazon Library, ” 55 Questions To Ask Yourself.” Manoj Chenthamarakshan has authored the book.

55 Questions to Ask Yourself is a short 54 pages book that includes questions covering 8- different areas of life, and the questions are so diverse yet fundamental that it gives you a better picture of who you are. The book offers something new and fresh for every person who reads it. It is not like you are bombarded with such deep questions daily. You are usually busy doing your professional work, never really bothering about your thought and feelings about yourself.

The kind of question I read in this book forces you some time to think deeply and find their answers. These questions also allow you to look at things from a fresh perspective helping you even more.

In case you are wondering, I am new to this question-asking-related activity, but after reading this book, I am thinking of re-reading the book after every 2-3 months to keep a check on myself.

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In hindsight, we all know that we comprehend ourselves the very best. We know who we are, but unless we ask some hard-hitting questions to ourselves, I don’t think we understand ourselves fully.

The 55 Questions To Ask Yourself is more like an activity than a book. The author recommends you perform it with a partner, who would get out the heavy answer from you. And I think this is the right approach for these kind of questions.

Our partner can bring external ideas to our thoughts and contribute toward in-depth understanding. A single question might lead to an adventure you never thought of. Be sure to answer all of them and discover more about yourself.

P.S. I have mentioned some interesting questions at the end of the article, along with my answers. Be sure to check it out.

55 Questions To Ask Yourself: Book Summary

  1. Learn more about you by answering fundamental question about yourself.
  2. If you want to materialize anything, you have to start by writing about it.
  3. You can overcome any problem if you spend enough time on it.

Who Should Read It?

Those who want to understand the fundamentals about themselves so that they can use it for becoming better should give this book a try. Think hard on each and every question. Take it one question at a time.

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Questions In The Book:

1) Who Are Your Top 3 Role Models and Why?

  1. MrBeast: This guy has shown what a common man can do. Starting from the bottom, showing the grit and the hard work, he put in his content. He definitely deserves all the fame he is receiving right now. Also, he is a wonderful businessman, he has created real products which are quite popular and is business model is also a well thought out one.
  2. Elon Musk: Elon is a genius. He has his hands in so many things that it is difficult to keep a count off. The word visionary is made just for him. He was a founding member in the OpenAI team which led to the creation of ChatGPT and Dall-e. He owns tesla, twitter, Solar city all with great ambition and great business model. Sometimes I think he uses his wit to scam people like in the case of Doge but who can blame him. People consider him God and obey his words blindly.
  3. Mukesh Ambani: Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance is revolutionary. He brought the Internet Revolution in India offering low-cost internet to millions of Indians and causing a real difference in people’s life. He brought down the competition’s costs so much down that the current services almost seem to be free. His diverse interest in different fields give him a upper hand in starting profitable businesses which I aspire to achieve.

2) What are you complimented for usually?

I am usually complemented for my ideas. I receive a lot of ideas daily and if implemented, these ideas can create wonderful results.

3) What makes you lose track of time?

When I am watching any movie or out with friends. Whenever I travel, I try to explore as much as possible and really don’t want to come back to the hotel room. This list also includes playing games that are sometimes too addicting for me.

4) What could you do to change this situation?

Experiment more ideas and at a faster rate. A good 1-2 years have already been spent to create the website, now i should work even harder to increase the traffic on this platform.

5) What do you love doing?

My interest lies on planning things and making decisions for the future. I am hopeful to create my own company someday so that I can guide it to make real change in the society and create a healthy population. Another thing I love doing is read about companies on annual reports and plan about their investment potentials. I love making money on stock market and so long by god’s grace I have been scoring good points.

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