EarnKaro: Earn Money By Sharing Affiliate Links

Welcome again to yet another method of earning side income for yourself.

This time we will be tapping the market of the newly formed e-commerce culture. The Indian e-commerce shopping market is a whopping $120 bn market. Such a huge population of India has poised this industry to touch greater heights year after year. There is hardly anything that you won’t be able to find online, from toothbrush to fan, paper to pencil. Everything is available with a single press of your button. 

With the advancement in affordable smartphones and internet connections, more and more people are availing the luxury of ordering an item from their home and receiving them at their doorstep. Such many orders get delivered each day that if we can capitalize even a fraction of it could lead us to earn handsome money.

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The method that will help earn us money and which I am talking about is affiliate marketing, especially in the retail e-commerce sector.  Affiliate marketing is the method in which you market or promote the product of any seller to your customer, and when the customer buys the product, you get a commission.

In this type of business, you will find many products that suit your niche and provide you with products that you can really endorse. There are many platforms as well that you will be using in your endeavor to promote these products. We will talk about these platforms in the later section of the article, but let us first know about the platform that can make it possible for you.


About EarnKaro

EarnKaro is a money-making platform where you will find your affiliate links to many shopping websites.
When you share your authorized link with your customer, and they buy from the site, you will earn a commission in your EarnKaro Wallet.

After collecting the minimum amount required, you can transfer the amount to your desired bank account. As simple as that.

More than 60+ shopping websites are on the platform, ready to be shared among your friends and families. You can even buy products for yourselves to save money.

Why EarnKaro?

Some of the audience members reading this might feel whether it makes sense to do it.
You can argue that there are other affiliate programs such as Amazon or even other platforms, or you can wonder whether the trouble is worth it.

Firstly, Yes. Amazon is a great platform to have as an affiliate program. But why be limited to it? Many products are there that you can find even on Amazon, but the profit margin is far less when compared to EarnKaro.

brands images
Some of the brands in EarnKaro

Because here, you will buy directly from the producers, and the producers need not pay any commission to Amazon.

Lastly, talking about the viability of affiliate marketing, EarnKaro is serving you the purpose of having a side income. The more effort you put in, the better the reward for you.

 It will allow you to have the funds to start something different, something new for yourself. Moreover, EarnKaro partners with fashionable brands existing at present in the market. So it is a bit unthinkable not having the products to share among your network.
Additionally, EarnKaro also runs a telegram channel where it posts the latest offers for the users.

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Deals And Offers

EarnKaro brings the latest deals and offers so that you can effectively sell those products. You will find these offers in your dashboard and see the offers trending and the commission you will receive. These deals are updated regularly depending on the existing sales. Sometimes there are End Of Season Sales and many other sales where the commission increases for its members.

How To Share Partner Links?

As you scroll through the preferred items in the dashboard or the partner list, you will find two specific data at the bottom. They are the commission tab and the link sharing tab.

Either copy the link and add it to your preferred destination or use the share now tab to share them via WhatsApp.
It couldn’t get any easier than that.

You do not have to worry about anything else. All the necessities starting from sales tracking to delivery and obtaining the commission, get done by other companies.

I know you have understood everything about the platform I explained today. Now comes the part where I tell you about some possible social media platforms that you can use to promote your links.

How does it work?

When you share the link, of either the website or the platform, a link is generated with your credentials and when the customer clicks the link, he/she is redirected towards the desired platform. This mechanism allows EarnKaro to track the sale and attach the commission against the right individual.

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How To Promote?

Let us learn about some existing platforms to share your links and make you some money.

1.) Network:

 The initial place where you will be trying and should do is among your existing groups of people. They are your first customer. You understand what the person in your network likes or dislikes. What are their hobbies? All these things can help you offer them the product and earn money.

You can even refer your friends to the same app and earn referral income.

2.) Telegram:

The next platform you can utilize for yourself is telegram. Telegram is a powerful tool having many facilities at your disposal to boost your affiliate sales.

 There are free services such as channels, groups, and chatbots you can create to promote your products. If you go to Youtube right now, you will see many videos on how to construct your bots and promote your products.

3.) Blog:

When bloggers wish to monetize their work, affiliate marketing is frequently their first choice.

Bloggers typically focus on a narrow specialty and share goods or services that can be of interest to their readers. It might be credit cards, health trackers, or customer management systems.

The more narrowly you can target your market with this affiliate arrangement, the better. You can use banners, videos, pop-up windows, or links in blog posts to incorporate affiliate marketing on your website. Email and social media could also be in use to spread your links.

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But only use links when they are appropriate and don’t oversell. Share your links through special deals, gift guides, and product comparisons if you have a newsletter.

Finally, focus on only providing links that will benefit and aid your readers. Make sure you initially offer value before just going for the sale.

4.) Email List:

Another well-liked method of distributing affiliate links to your audience is through email lists.
Through services like MailChimp, AWeber, or other comparable services, marketers create email lists for their registered subscribers.

 Usually, they offer a free training session, template, or eBook as a perk for signing up.

Affiliate links are frequently included in the newsletters, allowing the marketer to profit when a subscriber clicks on a link and makes a purchase. No matter what niche they are in, marketers who have an email list with active subscribers can profit from this kind of affiliate link promotion. 

This approach is appropriate if you already have a list or provide your audience with valuable stuff, like training and advice. The affiliate program offers that are time-limited and unique are also effective.

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5.) Videos:

Not only video content appeals to viewers. They adore it. Just take a peek at YouTube, which has 2.1 billion users.
Videos can be shared on social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Busy people can readily consume video information, which is ideal for demonstrating how to use a product, how it helps them, and emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages.

As with the gaming product channel Worth a Buy, adding affiliate products, putting them to your bio, pinning them beneath the video on YouTube, and being active on your community page are considered recommended practices.

If video demonstrations help highlight the advantages of your product, take into account adopting this strategy to inspire confidence in your customers.

Referral Scheme:

Currently, EarnKaro has activated its Referral Scheme. By this method, when you share the app using your referral link, you will earn 10% of their income.

 And yes it is for a lifetime. As long as your customers shop via the app, you get a referral income. If you are not able to send links in your network regularly, you can share the app with them and allow them to save money on their purchases and you can passively earn your referral income.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Mistakes to Avoid

Although many people find success with affiliate marketing, it can also have a negative side.

Affiliate marketing is a target of numerous sorts of fraud, such as cookie stuffing or dropping, just like any other business that involves making money.

However, there are additional behaviors to avoid, such as:

  • Creating subpar content: The days of producing keyword-rich content and controlling Google search results are over. Create high-quality material instead, and give each article something extra.
  • Using a “hard sell” strategy: Focus on developing relationships rather than using a direct sales strategy. Once a customer has your trust, they are more likely to follow your recommendations.
  • Failing to verify a product’s legitimacy: Although that health product may sound great and provide large commissions, does it live up to its promises? Consider your purchases carefully and study internet reviews.
  • Deceiving consumers: Although it should go without saying, some affiliates may exaggerate the advantages of items to earn commissions. Making sweeping statements may increase click-throughs, but it is immoral and may even be against the law.

As an affiliate marketer, your reputation is everything. If your audience doesn’t trust or believe you, you won’t earn any income. Focus on your audience first and foremost.

How To Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Yourself

Any business can successfully monetize through affiliate marketing, but the success of your campaign depends on the technique you choose. Here’s how to choose the ideal affiliate marketing approach for your company.

  • Make sure your audience will respond to the strategy: Do they use social media to hang out? using forums? Do they look for answers on Google? Identify your potential clients’ locations and focus on them there.
  • Understanding the type of content that engages your audience What makes people click to learn more or register for service?
  • Which promotions are most effective for your target market? Is it gratuities? Competitions? Discounts? Your affiliate marketing efforts can succeed or fail based on the offerings you choose.
  • Adaptive/B testing: Comparing the outcomes will help you improve your affiliate strategy.
  • Recognize the issues that your clients are facing: Use thorough material and pertinent it​_ems to address those problems.


Side Hustles can prove to be a very important element if you utilize your time properly. It can create good income streams and help you create something of yourself contrary to the regular approach of the masses. If you can capitalize on your knowledge, you can attain a better financial situation and live comfortably.
I hope you will try out this new income stream, and I will bring you the latest earning methods again in a while.
Until then, stay safe and chase your dreams.

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