How To Become A People Magnet

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Title: How To Become A People Magnet

Author: Marc Reklau

Genre: Self-Help

Pages: 145 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

How To Become A People Magnet: Book Review

It is a well-understood fact that to become successful, you need other people’s support. You cannot do everything alone. To do that, you have to have good social skills so that you can communicate effectively. How To Become A People Magnet is a great book that helps you learn all about it and teach you how to build a team.

A short read book of around 146 pages, you can very well finish this elixir in under an hour. There are more than 50 ideas and suggestions to control the external factors of your life to have a much more pleasing lifestyle.
Each thought is a page or so in length, so you need not worry about too much information. You can grasp the idea and put it into practice. You can even read the book over 2-3 months. Give each idea time to practice in real life, notice the changes, and see if you benefit by using it daily.

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Along with this, How To Become A People Magnet provides many compelling ideas to work internally for your growth, which includes understanding other people’s perspectives, thinking before speaking anything insensitive, and shifting your personality to be likable.

This book has provided the same values and advice as How To Win Friends And Influence People. But I felt that How To Become People Magnet is designed to be concise, not focussing on too many research papers, just spitting simple facts that many of us have forgotten.

If you want to learn more about these values backed with more experience, you can pick How To Win Friends and understand the possibilities of being a center of attraction.

How To Become A People Magnet: Book Summary

  1. Relationships are important and you can learn how to make these relationships strong.
  2. Being nice to others is one of the fundamental traits to become likable. You don’t have to give them any royal respect, just treat them like an equal.
  3. Keep an eye on the social group you hang out with. A lot of traits can be transferred to you subconsciously.

Who Should Read It?

This book is well suited for the general audience but the people in sales might be benefitted even more with this book.

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How To Become A People Magnet: Top Quotes

  • You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
  • You are the average of five people you hang out with.
  • How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours.

How To Become A People Magnet Notes

1) First Things First

  • Understanding Human Nature: People are, above all, interested in themselves. No Matter who you are, people will always be a thousand times more interested in themselves than in you.
  • The Most Important Subject Of Any Conversation: The most important subject that anyone will want to talk about with you is THEMSELVES. Get them talking about themselves. If you can shoe true interest and get people to talk about themselves, they will like you a lot.
  • Make People Feel Important: The primary feeling of any person is to recognize. The desire to be important and to be noticed. Make people feel important. The more important you make them feel, the better they will respond. Don’t interrupt people. Make a short pause before answering.
  • Agree With People: Adopt the attitude of being agreeable. Learn to agree with people and let them know when you do so. When you are about to disagree with someone, always have in mind the magic question, “Do I want to be right or do I want to be in peace?”
  • It’s What They Want, Not What You Want: We are interested in what we want but nobody else is. Everybody else is just like us. They are interested in what they want. The more you think about the needs and want of other people, the more successful relationships you will get.

2) Communicate Effectively

  • Practice Active Listening: A good listener will always have the advantage over a good talker because he or she always allow people to hear their favorite speaker: themselves. Show interest, ask questions when he/she finished the talk. It shows you are involved in the conversation.
  • Get People To Say Yes To You: Give people the reason to say yes to you. Create the situation where they receive something from you what they want. Ask ‘yes’ questions. When people say frequent yeses there are high chances that what you ask next will also be answered in a yes.
  • Talk Less, Do More: Actions speak louder than words. If you want to develop a good personality, and attract people to do things, you first need to create an image that you walk your talk.
  • Respect Other People’s Opinions: You are likely to wrong more than you can think of. Same thing goes for the other person. Even if they are wrong, you don’t have to be aggressive and prove them wrong. Nobody likes to be proven wrong. You can never make friends by proving someone wrong.

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3) Basic Rules

  • Say Thank You: It is human nature to like and respond to people who appreciate us and show us gratitude. Be grateful to people and show it to them with kind words or little gestures and you can be assured that it will come back to you multiplied.
  • Admit Your Mistakes: If we want to build trust with people and influence them and want to be the real thing we have to find the strength of admitting our mistakes-even if it’s difficult. Don’t waste your energy making up excuses or justification.
  • Stop Gossiping: Stay away from gossip and rumors as they are only harmful and destructive. Participating in the gossip can damage you trustworthiness with a lot of people. If you are gossiping about someone, there are high chances that someone would gossip when you are not there.
  • Keep Your Word: Never make promises you can’t keep and over-deliver on everything you do. People stop trusting you if you do not keep your promises and this is not a great way to strengthen relationships.
  • Remember People’s Names: Our names are one of the best words that we like to hear. Putting efforts to remember other people’s name shows that we value the relationship and are interested what they have to say.

4) Lead By Example

  • Don’t Give Direct Orders: Be More Subtle: Always give people the opportunity to get things done themselves. Let them come to their own solutions; let them learn from their mistakes. That’s how it sticks.
  • Be Humble: Humble people have a clear idea of their abilities and achievements; they acknowledge their flaws and admit mistakes and limitations. They are open to new ideas even if they don’t entirely agree with them. They appreciate the value of everything and accept that there are many different ways that people can contribute to this world.
  • Be on time: Punctuality is a sign of discipline and respect for others.

5) If you have to say it, Say it smoothly

  • Don’t criticize: Criticism is useless. The only thing it does is put a person on the defensive and makes them try to justify themselves. Criticism is dangerous. It hurts the pride of a person and causes resentment. It’s proven that we learn more, become better and more productive when our good behavior is praised and acknowledged, than if we get punished and work under pressure.
  • Let The Other Person Save Face: When somebody makes a mistake, let them save face. Don’t destroy the relationship or even the person. Instead, be encouraging, tell them it’s normal to make mistakes and show them you have confidence in them.
  • Talk about your own mistakes first: When you review the task someone else does and if you had done it in the past, talk about your mistakes first and show how they are much better at the work than they were. This reduces their guard and become receptive to suggestions.

6) Multiply Your Influences With These Habits

  • Be Nice: If you want to make friends, be liked, and influence people, there is always a simple recipe- be nice. Being nice will pay you dividends in the long term. Do everything you can to empower people.
  • Be Positive: Look for the positive things. Hardships usually presents an opportunity with it, you just have to develop the habit to see it.
  • Praise a lot: Praise and acknowledgement can go a long way. Use the power of praise. Praise the slightest improvements, Inspire everyone you come in contact with to use hidden talents they possess.

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