Ignited Minds

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Title: Ignited Minds

Author: Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Random House India

Pages: 190 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Ignited Minds: Book Review

In addition to being a great scientist and a fine person, the legend Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a patriot and an influential writer. I just finished reading Dr. Kalam’s book “Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India,” and as a young Indian, his straightforward yet effective writing has inspired me to do my part to improve my nation. The book outlines Kalam’s experiences and ideas for using the influence of the young to transform India into a developed country. The nation’s youthful brains are ignited by Kalam’s patriotism since he serves as a role model for many kids around the nation.

The ideas and plans laid out by Kalam to make India a developed country are in the book. One of the greatest minds of modern India shows youth the direction and fields to achieve success in life together with nation-building. Kalam also raised several questions regarding the current situation of our country and mentioned ways to grow out of those. The one thing about the book that fascinated me the most was his views on people with different faiths in our nation and how they’re in harmony until some external forces try to disturb that balance.

Unity is the only way for a country with a billion people to become a world leader. When speaking about the idea of Unity in a country like India that is so diverse, one can go wrong or have influenced ideology. But I sensed Kalam’s idealogy of Unity was in its purest form. Another great section of the book is where Kalam shares his experience meeting around 40,000 students and answering their curious minds. Some examples mentioned in the book honestly represent why Dr. Kalam was so much respected. 

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Moreover, his mind, even after so many years of experience in the top offices of India, was so elastic and open to new thoughts. His way of expression has always been children-friendly, which he has mentioned as his target audience. Those interactions make one rethink how life is so much simpler when seen from a child’s perspective and gives all adults a moment of introspection.

The book mentions Kalam’s experiences upon meeting great people like Ratan Tata or the Milkman of India, Dr. Verghese Kurien. Those experiences are extensively defined and give one perspective and confidence on starting their way towards success without worrying about the support, as there will always be a great man working towards the betterment of the nation in some way or other. He also mentions how patriotism can be looked beyond politics and how each individual can contribute on their part. 

Spirituality has also been mentioned in great detail to refer to the point of dedication and honesty that is missed in today’s time. We lack great leaders, politicians, and officers, which puts us behind other nations. Spirituality brings the idea of a higher self in people and thus making them better leaders, politicians, or officers. I think Kalam has successfully managed to influence generations of people not just with his work but with his words as well. The book is titled “Ignited Minds,” and yet again, Dr. Kalam has achieved what he set his mind to. The book succeeds to spark the youth’s minds to contribute to making India great again.

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