Lazy Habits

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Book Highlights

Title: Lazy Habits

Author: Laurent Meri

Genre: Self-Help

Pages: 83 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Lazy Habits: Book Review

Are you looking for a short read book to find the motivation to build healthy and positive habits? There’s a new kid on the block: Lazy Habits by Laurent Meri.

It is an 83-page read distilling the 4- essential qualities to learn for having a better and impactful life.
Lazy Habits intends to break down the science behind learning new habits and provides valuable explanations without going down into too much jargon and stuff.

 You would learn about the importance of having consistency and discipline, which are influential for your growth and success.

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Unlike other self-help books, the author’s style in this book is that of a casual and friendly tone. He uses references from Kung Fu Panda to Mario Kart. There is even a reference to Mission Impossible. It felt fresh to associate the usual concepts with the things in the entertainment field. 

I think it will help people understand the concepts much more comfortably.

Although you can read the concepts mentioned here in other self-help books, the tone and the way of expressing these ideas are a plus point for Lazy Habits. He has intentionally kept the book straightforward, not diving into too many details to prevent information overload.

For first-time readers, Lazy Habits is a good pick, and it can also help you build your reading habits.
Although I would recommend as you become more consistent in reading books, read ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear to build better habits and better systems.

Lazy Habits: Book Summary

  1. New habits can be learned by breaking down it into smaller achievable tasks so you can do it easily.
  2. To form any new habit, you have to do it consistently and with patience.
  3. The real growth lies when you do it consistently over long duration and the compound effect then take place.

Who Should Read It?

People who want to develop a reading habit can start with this book. It is a short and to the point written book.

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Lazy Habits: Top Quotes

  • Inch by Inch, Life’s A Cinch. Yard By Yard, Life is hard.
  • Little drops of water, Little Grains of Sand. Makes the might ocean, And the beauteous land.

Lazy Habits Notes

1) Tiny Habits:

  • Break down your big goals or habit to smaller tasks. This way you can gradually build yourself up to do that things more often.
  • Wan to do 100 pushups? Start with 1 pushups a day. Become regular and consistent and the numbers will follow.
  • Better yourself 1% every time and you’ll see the result for yourself.

Laughably small habits let you fly under the radar at first. Their stealthy stacking effect leads to unbelievable transformation before your brain can fret.

2) Habit Stacking: Master of the Domino’s Effect

  • Chain the habits together to increase your odds of success.
  • After doing one activity, do the activity you want to learn and so on and so forth. This way when you do one activity, you’ll train your brain to automatically do the next thing.
  • Habit stacking gives you the momentum to do things and to become more consistent in this habit.
  • Plan sequences mindfully so each habit triggers the next automatically.
  • Engineering the domino effect! When habits build on each other in a logical flow, your productivity takes off. No friction or motivation needed!
  • Visualize setting up dominos – one habit knocks down the next. Feel the momentum build as each falls!
  • Use habit stacking for any area – health, work, learning, relationships, personal growth. Cascades work everywhere.

3) Peer Pressure is Good:

  • Trying to grind alone is insane; we require squads to keep us motivated and honest.
  • Find an accountability buddy to help you improve your habits. Make it public in order to establish mutual expectations.
  • Remote fellowship and inspiration can also be found in online groups.
  • Make use of Reddit, apps, and groups. According to research, social pressure increases consistency even virtually.
  • Find your tribe. Join clubs and gatherings centered on your interests and aspirations to create a sense of community.

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4) The Compound Success: Compound effect of disciplined habits:

  • Compounding is similar to the snowball effect in that it begins tiny and gradually gains pace.
  • Killer outcomes are on the way! The key to success is unwavering consistency.
  • If you skip days, your progress will be reset to zero. The compounding cycle is destroyed by skipping.
  • For magic to work, you must feed the bird every day. When applied to habits, small efforts compound to produce astonishingly fast results.
  • With time and perseverance, those micro habits will improve your body and skills. But you must have faith in the process.

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