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Title: Make Your Time Right


Genre: Self-Help

Pages: 151 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Make Your Time Right: Book Review

Make Your Time Right by Kamaal J. Gupta is an inspiring book on different aspects of life when combined, enabling us to live better.

The facets of life he focuses on are:

  • Routine
  • Focus
  • Priority
  • Time Management
  • Financial Independence
  • Habits

Make Your Time Right consists of suggestions made by the author from his years of experience. The book is not an in-depth module but provides a general problem and solution approach to such necessary aspects of life. It is a short-read book consisting around 146 pages which can be even read under 1 hour. If you want to start developing reading habit, I highly recommend you read this book.

If you are new to the self-help books, this book works fine.

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Do not expect some life-altering advice that will change your life the next day. In many cases, real-life-altering suggestions are fundamental and require consistency to get to the level of greatness. But people are so addicted to finding quick fixes that they never focus on such things.

Different ideas presented in this book will at least make your brain wonder. You will find some concepts beneficial for you, especially the sections based on Priority and Routine. It serves the purpose of ticking your brain so that you pick any topic and scour the internet to learn more.

After reading many self-help books, I feel this book is well-suited for the new entrants. If you frequently read self-help books focussing on such kinds of ideas and that are too in-depth, I think this book will not prove very beneficial to you.

You will benefit more if you pick books like Atomic Habits or The Art of Saying No.

Make Your Time Right: Book Summary

  1. A good and productive life is the combination of different elements. Focus on these elements and your life improves drastically.
  2. The greatest asset of yours is the time you have. Spend your time wisely.
  3. Focus on regular learning and growth. The more you learn the more chances are there for your success.

Who Should Read It?

This is a book for general reading. It contains 6 separate ideas on how to make your life better. Spend time working on those ideas and you can see a growth in your lifestyle.

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Make Your Time Right: Top Quotes

  • If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.
  • Consistency is doing a little bit every day.

Make Your Time Right Notes

Section- I: Focus

  • Our mental strength is the biggest source of motivation. If trained properly it can help you achieve great things. If left without practice, you are left with a lot of unproductive habits. Try to develop clarity on your tasks which can help you develop better focus on what you want to do.

    I am attaching an excerpt from the book which explains this situation to a large extent:

This can be better explained by the narrative of elephants chained to a pole in the early days, and since they are meagre and have not yet expanded power, they cannot overthrow the chains; hence they remain connected and tied to it. Initially, they try a lot but cannot free themselves from it because of being small and fragile. Meanwhile, they grow up and become powerful; they still can’t be released because their minds have gotten conditioned accordingly. This standard practice has been used for years to contrive and keep a hold of this large and powerful creature as their mind’s focus has been put to the direction that they cannot free themselves from. When they become strong and powerful in their later life stages, their single blow could eliminate the whole anchored pole in a second. Never does that happen as their focus has been diverted, and they don’t see it as a possibility anymore.

Focus is the central key to all locks of life. If one has focus, any and everything is possible with consistent effort and persistence.

How To Build A Solid Focus?

  • Proper Identification of Task
  • Clarity about how to perform the task.
  • Emphasize on the process and not the result.

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Major Distractions:

  • Distractions are the main source for interrupted focus. The lower the quality of focus the lower is the end result. To have the uninterrupted focus, tackle the following:

    • Technology Device and Apps
    • Communication Interfaces
    • Multitasking Syndrome
    • Non-Essential Meetings
    • People, Discussions and Gossips
    • Lack Of Concrete Decisions
    • Lack Of Target/ Aim

Section II: Routine

  • The road to success lies in what you do consistently and patiently over time and regularly. Make regular upgradation to your routine to remain the best in the field.

  • Successful people work hard with effective and purposed measures to reach where they want to get in life. In the absence of a structured approach in completing these ongoing tasks daily, these tasks pile up without fulfilment due to the chosen patterns and have an unnecessary delay.


R- Regularity: Being Regular is the key.

O-Operate: Whatever one has planned, operate along those lines.

U- Update: Review unexpected tasks for the day and check whether to fit it in your daily task list or not.

T- Task: Have a defined task for the day and do them.

I- Ideology: Connect to groups and forums having same ideology as you. This helps learning new habits easily.

N- Negate: Say no to unwanted and low productive tasks. Everybody has 24 hours.

E- Expectation: All tasks are done with certain expectations. Having the right expectations will help you lead better life.

How To Stick to A Routine?

  • Setting Clear objectives and identifying the need
  • Chunking and bracketing the objectives.
  • Executing the Routine Plan
  • Consistency and The Fun
  • Tracking Progress
  • Celebrating Accomplishments
  • Reviewing Setbacks

Section III: Habits

Developing Good Habits:

  • Making A Decision
  • Sticking To the Decision
  • Starting Small
  • Changing Patterns
  • Declare and Involve Others
  • Adequate Timeline
  • Don’t Lose Track
  • Celebrate Small Accomplishments

Importance of list

Creating a list allows you to physically see your goals. The more you see it, the better are the chances of its completion.

Section IV: Time Management & Productivity Enhancement

  • Time is one of the only instruments common to you and any rich person. You both have 24 hours. How you use it creates all the difference.

Everybody in this world, rich or poor, has a special kind of bank account. This account is an account where everybody gets 86400 seconds added to the account daily. It depends on the individual—whether he uses it or doesn’t use it at all. The people who use it wisely, taking it from the account judiciously, try different gain options. They make infinite returns on the user account.

Time killers of Our Life:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Lack of planning
  • Overplanning
  • Procrastination
  • Low Value Task Prioritization
  • Lack of concentration
  • Unrealistic Estimation

Killing The Time Killers:

  • Creating A To-Do List
  • Day Management System
  • Maintaining A Journal
  • Delegating Low Value Tasks
  • Time Bucketing (Pomodoro Technique)

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Section V: Priority

  • The priority setting has a high reciprocity level to the habits, routines, and time management skills one has. We need to understand that all have the same twenty-four hours in a day, and what we accomplish in those hours depends on the priorities set.

    How To Choose the Priority:

    • High Value Vs. Low Value Task
    • Important Vs. Urgent

    Choose the appropriately and decide what is necessary for reaching your objectives.

Section VI: Income

  • Financial literacy is one of the important lessons that everyone must go after. But still many people do not spend time learning about this very thing. And the result, no financial independence. Learning about finances helps you create more earning opportunities so that you could earn more for any given time.

    Things To Focus On

    • Keeping check on living expenses
    • Know the Power of Savings and Investment
    • Appreciating Vs. Depreciating Assets
    • Additional Income Source
  • Blueprint for Financial Independence:

    • Know and calculate your annual spendings.
    • Know and calculate your annual income level.
    • Study Investment Options

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