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Title: The Everyday Hero Manifesto

Author: Robin Sharma

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Jaico Publication

Pages: 378 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

The Everyday Hero Manifesto: Book Review

There is a hero inside all of us. Every one of us can become great. It’s just that many of us are not aware of these hidden powers and how to use them. The Everyday hero manifesto by Robin Sharma contains valuable teaching on how you can take the initial steps to unlock your superpower and use it for your benefit.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto contains short chapters on activities you could do daily, such as journaling and focusing on your health, along with the teachings to do the inner work. His experience of a quarter of a century is extracted into these chapters. These chapters are not connected or in continuation but are necessary topics that Robin felt his readers must be familiar with, which they can employ in their daily routine.


Some of the vital chapters of The Everyday Hero Manifesto, which I feel the readers of this platform should read, include The Peak Productivity Strategies Pyramid, where he mentions the tips and tricks to have high productivity. Another excellent insight would be from The 8-forms of Wealth, where he expresses his opinions about varied fields where we must strive to perform well.

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One thing which is particularly intriguing about his book, particularly The Everyday hero manifesto, is his constant efforts to get the readers to start answering some deep and demanding questions. I have felt that as we are advancing to a more digitized future, we have begun forfeiting the capacity to understand our true purpose. 

We have been so busy being busy that we do not pause and contemplate whether the thing we are doing is justified or not. Another interesting topic of discussion in the book is mortality and how people behave when facing such thoughts.

Although there are some portions of the book, which I find repetitive in Robin Sharma’s book, I can’t blame him for that. He is a motivation guru, and maybe he feels some topics are too important to write in every book, or perhaps he runs out of ideas sometimes. Who am I to judge?

All things aside, The Everyday hero manifesto is an inspiring book where an open mind, non-disturbing surroundings, and cool weather will get you going for the day.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto: Book Summary

  1. Unleash the inner power by constant education and nourishing your brain with positivity.
  2. Understanding about your skills and where you lack them and improving them.
  3. Facing the fears to overcome hurdles in life.

Who Should Read It?

This is an everyday’s book. No specific genre or category of people are its target audience. The book contain general ideas that people like you and me can read everyday. Chapter by chapter.

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The Everyday Hero Manifesto: Top Quotes

  • If you wait for conditions to be perfect before you launch your highest dream, you’ll never begin
  • Only those who devote themselves to a cause with their whole strength and soul can be true masters. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person. —ALBERT EINSTEIN
  • It’s wiser to take a chance and risk looking foolish (yet know that you did it) than miss the opportunity and end up empty and heartbroken, on your last day.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto Notes

1. Being Faithful to Your Ideals is a Force-Multiplier🚊

  • Following your passion is never an easy task, not only it should have a market for it to thrive but also even after that, the road to success is never easy. There are times when you things will not go your way. The belief and your faith in your mission will allow you to continue through the struggles.
  • Your faith provides you the shield from negative thoughts and protect you by doing the hard things again and again, until you succeed.

2. The Victim-to-Hero Leap🦘

  • Change few things in your life so that you can change the outcomes of your efforts and contribute to the society.
    • The shift from the Mindset of Can’t to the Mentality of Can
    • The Shift from Making Excuses to Delivering Results.
    • The Shift from living in the past to making a Brighter Future.
    • The Shift from Being Busy Being Busy to Becoming Productive.
    • The Shift From Taking from The World to Giving To The World.

3. The IPOP Principle for Accelerated Positivity ⏩

  • It is necessary for you to control your environment to allow the least of the negative thoughts to enter in the mind.
  • You cannot spend hours watching news or any negative thought and still attempt to achieve great excellence in your work as your mind gets filled with the continuous cycle of negative ideas and once you fall into it, it becomes very hard to uproot it, just like the weed that grows around the precious flowers.

4. Guard Good Health like A Pro Athlete 👟

  • There cannot be any excellence without a well protected and guarded health.

    • The Trinity of Radiant Vitality: The three area where you need to focus to maintain a good health are:
      1. Exercise: Regular exercise provides many important chemicals to your body at the start of the day. Such as BDNF, serotonin and many more. This hormones strengthen your physique as well as your mental health. It also promotes metabolism promoting good digestion.
      2. Nutrition: Your nutritional plan is a primary component of becoming as healthy as a professional athlete and remaining enthusiastic, energetic, jubilant and ultra-effective for a long time. Focus on supplements along with real food and look for ways to improve your nutrition.
      3. Recovery: The last part of a good health is the recovery process. Like your muscles, your body also requires frequent periods of relaxation and comfort. This allows you to get the required renewal to your body. This can be done by having a good pre-sleep, naps and regular massages and many more things.

5. A Teacher called Trauma 👩‍🏫

  • Pain is a part of everyone’s life. Some hide them, some utilise it for their growth. The person who is hurt, if avoid confrontation and hides his pain tends to become more toxic and aggressive as these are the usual mediums of exits.
  • To use the pain as a medium of growth, understand that your feelings exists and how it causes you to take irrational decisions and think of the methods you can overcome it.

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6. Hug the monster 👹

  • It is crucial to face your fears to advance in your life.
  • Do the things which you are most uncomfortable of. Look out the ways you can overcome it. Fear of public speaking?? Speak in front of 2-3 people and gradually increase the numbers. Fear of getting your idea rejected? Look for people advice on how the idea can be better adopted and mould your idea into reality.
  • Fears are the roadblocks preventing your accession to greatness. As you learn to handle them, you evolve into a better individual who has awareness about his/her skills.

7. The “You Won't Win If You Don't Even Try” Attitude 🔑

  • You can’t embrace the success if you do not make an attempt
  • Thoughts of failures prevents people’s to try out their idea in real world. They build up a list of all the things that could go wrong in spite of deciding the first step that could be right.

8. The 4 major communication practice of movement makers 🔉

  • Deep Listening: The habit of patiently listening to other person without having the urge to speak is one of the rare habits. Highly excelled people make it a habit to first listen to everyone and then based upon the information and their own knowledge lay down the opinion.
  • Raw vulnerability: Speak without any filter to you words. Speak as you feel. Some people get into the habit of boot licking just to impress the opposite party and deep down have different intentions.
  • Truth telling: Refrain from speaking lies. Nobody has become successful by lying. You have to be true to yourself and to others for succeeding in life.
  • Promise keeping: A difficult trait to find these days. Learn the discipline to fulfill your promise as it determines your character. Nobody will trust you if they feel that you are not able to keep your promises.

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