The Master Key To Riches

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Book Highlights

Title: The Master Key To Riches

Author: Napoleon Hill

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Pushpak Publications

Pages: 197 Pages

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

The Master Key To Riches: Book Review

Do you remember when you try to solve a puzzle with all your efforts and energy but can not find the right combination? How frustrating it gets. Isn’t it? But gradually, you put pieces by pieces together with careful analysis, and boy, what a sense of comfort you reach when you attach the last missing piece of the puzzle. I found the same thrill of sentiment in the incredible and genius book of the legendary Napoleon Hill. 

The famed author of the classic book “Think and Grow Rich.” Although this time, it’s his other book, The Master Key to Riches. While reading this book, I felt that the author covered crucial aspects of life, which include optimal health, a positive mental attitude, and principles of living truthfully. And he gave whatever he got to make his readers understand their power. 

In The Master Key To Riches, you will learn about simple techniques you can insert into your daily routine and create an extraordinary future for you. The tomorrow you are meant to live. The supreme power of the mind and how it can translate thought and ideas into real life has been elaborated very well in the book The Master Key To Riches.

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Mind is a factory of the future. Whatever you feed will give out the product accordingly. How we condition our mind is an important topic, and this book has presented what an ordinary person needs to understand and implement. The topics covered in this book serve the purpose of igniting inner creativeness and magnificence. Each and individual concept assists you in uplifting your game in some way or another. But an actual effect is felt when all these concepts combine to multiply the results exponentially.

 When you apply them, you will realize that you have increased your intrinsic value and are more significant around your environment. This process increases the likelihood of attracting wealth which is among the fundamental desires of almost every living human. Rich people who have shot up the ladder of success are not always the product of the silver spoon. 

They have the qualities that enabled them to reach the zenith of success and financial freedom. These qualities include willpower, self-discipline, and a vision to make something revolutionary. These habits in The Master Key To Riches are explained in detail alongside many more skills you must try to introduce in your life. These are not easy habits, as they would require your conscious efforts, but slowly as you command one, it becomes easy to incorporate the second habit. So on and so forth.

The Master Key To Riches: Book Summary

  1. Taking control in own hands to create a better future for self.
  2. Understanding the power of the mind and managing it for own advantage.
  3. Conditioning of the brain to choose the right steps to overcome any defeat.

Who Should Read It?

This book is suitable for those who realize that they have a potential within themselves but somehow aren’t able to use them in constructive manner.

People who want to understand how their mind can help them to have the future they desire.

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The Master Key To Riches: Top Quotes

  • “A definite purpose, backed by absolute faith, is a form of wisdom and wisdom in action produces positive results.”
  • “A man’s ego in his greatest asset or his greatest liability, according to the way he relates himself to it.”
  • “When the mind has been cleared of a negative mental attitude the power of Faith moves in and begins to take possession!”

The Master Key To Riches Notes

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude: A great life begins with a positive thought within the mind. A positive mental attitude allows you to take the desired actions and efforts which leads to a significant result.
  2. Sound Physical Health: There is no life without a good and sound health. Work on making yourself fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle for longevity.
  3. Harmony in Human Relationships: You are hardly able to excel in life without the involvement of other peoples that work towards your progress. Learn to build good human relationships with people around you.
  4. Freedom from fear: For you to be able to enjoy the life, it is necessary to free yourself from the fears in life. These fears hold you back and prevent you from becoming better.
  5. The Hope Of Achievement: The greatest of all form of happiness comes as the result of hope of achievement of unattained desire.
  6. The Capacity for Faith: Faith is the connecting link between the conscious mind and the Infinite Intelligence.
  7. Willingness To Share One’s Blessings: The best life is lived by giving people the things you have. The more you give, the more you receive and more joy you feel.
  8. A Labor of Love: There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it, for labor is the highest from of human expression of desire.
  9. An Open Mind on All Subjects: A man with open mind is capable of understanding the things which are beyond the available knowledge. That person does not deny the information outright but processes it, understands it and then comes to a decision.
  10. Self- Discipline: The man who cannot master himself cannot master other things. Self discipline provides the foundation to do the hard things which usually the brain rejects.
  11. The Capacity To Understand People: Like minded people hardly conflict with each other. The real struggle begins when you are faced with opposing views. How you tackle it, makes all the difference. You have to learn to put yourself in other person’s shoes.
  12. Economic Security: Economic Security is not attained by the possession of money alone. It is attained by the service one renders, for useful service may be converted into all forms of human needs, with or without the use of money.
  • The definiteness of purpose creates the natural flow to align your days by doing the required tasks to achieve your desired goals. It provides with the mental map to give reality to your thoughts.
    • Advantage of Definiteness Of Purpose: Develops self-reliance, personal initiative, imagination and concentration of efforts.
    • Induces one to budget their time properly.
    • Makes one more alert in the recognition of opportunities related to the the Major Purpose.
  • Rendering service greater than what is being paid for. This habit has the capability of providing the rewards far greater than your expectations.
    • Advantages of going the extra mile:
      • Provides favourable attention to the individual.
      • Makes one indispensable, non-replaceable.
      • Leads to mental growth and development of skills.
  • A group of two or more people intended for the purpose of mutual growth and have similar objectives and goals to achieve.
  • Master Mind Alliance serves the purpose of germinating positive thought and new ideas which upon the collaborative efforts provide real results. They are meant for the development of your personal self along with the professional aspect.
  • Include people in your group who are harmonious with each other and are loyal to the mission.
  • Do not speak up about your mission beyond the desired amount of people as it sometimes bring negativity by the people who want to let you down.
  • Faith is the missing link that determines your decision after a temporary defeat. Either you chin up and get back to correcting the mistake or you let the voice of fear overtake and you consider it your defeat.
  • Faith is like a nourishment for your mind. It keeps the mind in positive mental approach which keeps you remain excited for your work.
  • Faith does not work without any action. No positive attitude will do wonders unless you put in the hours and try to give it a life in practical world.

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