The One Hour Content Plan

One hour content plan book review

Book Highlights

Title: One Hour Content Plan

Author: Meera Kothad

Genre: Business

Pages: 150 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

One Hour Content Plan: Book Review

Do you publish online content? Do you have a platform where you are building your online presence?
You must have lived moments when you had no idea what to post.
The same happens to me all the time. I usually have 3-4 ideas before running out of steam and then come to a gap thinking about what article to post.
Fortunately, I do not have that problem anymore. Luckily I picked up The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothad, and when I went across the book, every new idea presented seemed like an elixir.
Meera Kothad is a professional blogger to help small solopreneurs to build an online presence.
I have been doing this for the past year, and there have been learnings I made through the experience, but after reading The One Hour Content Plan, I thought I don’t know anything.
You will answer different questions to help you understand yourself and your blog more carefully. You will be able to navigate through many crucial decisions easily.
When you read The One Hour Content Plan, one piece of advice is to imagine your reader to the specifics.

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Who is your ideal reader? How do they act in person? What things do they like?
It was a fascinating idea when I read it first, but when I went on to implement it. I didn’t expect such a result.

For example, the following is the ideal reader for my platform:

“X is a 22-year-old male, recently out of college and employed. He is cautious about spending his money. He doesn’t want to waste money, so he manages them carefully.
Additionally, he wants to create future cash flow for himself, so he is looking for ways to invest and understand how investing works. He wants to excel in his professional career and thus needs qualities and habits to help him.
The effect of this fantastic advice was I had 40 ideas within the next 15 minutes.
I never had such a quick pace of thinking of these blog post ideas.
Her experience will also help you structure and research your content efficiently so that all your new content would be in front of your audience with less friction.

You will find many incredible and jaw-dropping ideas inside The One Hour Content Plan. I can’t possibly explain all those ideas here. But if you are in this niche, I highly recommend this book and propose you implement them.

One Hour Content Plan: Book Summary

  1. Creating a content plan for your blog is easy if you know who is your audience.
  2. Content creation is much easier if you have a system and a content planner.
  3. Build a system around your preference and according to the resources available.

Who Should Read It?

Bloggers, and solo business owners can utilize the resources in this book to build a content planner system to attract more and more audience.

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