The Power Of Habit

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Title: The Power Of Habit

Author: Charles Duhigg

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Random House

Pages: 300 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

The Power Of Habit: Book Review

The Power Of Habit is a well-researched collection of science behind any habit. It offers sharp insights into the practice of adopting a new ritual and what methods you can adopt if you want to learn a new routine. Or even un-learn a bad one.

A detailed explanation of each element in the habit-making along the Keystone habits and willpower gives a perfect picture of their applications.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is a remarkable book on the science of habits. The stories and the case studies that assist the claims are wonderfully supported.

The attention to detail in this book is quite extraordinary. Though some texts are stretched beyond the requirements, I still believe it was a good thing to do. It shows the painstaking efforts of the author to explain every aspect of his opinion to serve his audience better.

Anyone who is trying to bring a change in their routine or is taking informed steps to improve their productivity must read The Power Of Habits. His theory does not govern the principle of learning new habits only but also helps you understand the complexity of behaviors and how they affect you.

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The reason I believe the book is so influential is the application scope of his theory. Usually, when you read a self-help book, you focus on the advice and follow it without any changes. This method does not suit everyone, thus reducing the overall effectiveness and results.

But the application of Charles’ texts is different for everyone. You can apply his theories to the extent you prefer.

The Power Of Habit is a must-read book as it allows the readers to escape the rat race and establish a name for themselves by tweaking the habits that prevent them from rising high. If Charles’ arguments were any less than a MAGIC, it would not be the source of success for individuals from Starbuck to the NFL.

I have personally benefitted from this book, and the magic in this book convinces you to try it out for yourself to validate the concepts yourself.

Though the size of the book can discourage you, as it did to me.

Matter of fact, I had this book for over a year and could not collect the courage to read the heavy 300 pages thick book. But I assure you, that the content is worth your time.

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