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Title: Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Jaico Books

Pages: 313 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Think and Grow Rich: Book Review

This week I read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. The book was first released in 1937 and is a classic bestseller in the self-help industry. The book talks about the differences in mentality between people who succeed in life and those who fail. It provides a model for thinking and acting on those thoughts. The first half of the book is focused on thinking and making your mind ready for success, while the second half focuses on making efforts to bring those thoughts to reality.

“Think and Grow Rich”. Don’t be misled by the title, the title of the book emphasizes only the thinking part of the journey to becoming rich, while that is only the first half of the book, the second half provides practical steps and a framework to convert those thoughts into reality. The book provides a distinction between the thoughts and actions of people who would someday succeed and those who would never. The book shares some very interesting stories, some personal to the author and some well-known stories of rich and famous people who earned their lives with sheer determination towards their goals. 

It is very clearly described in the book that thoughts of desire and faith can make differences that otherwise would seem impossible and supernatural. The concept of burning desire and removing “impossible” from the dictionary now seem like cliched one-liners, but looking at the age of the book shows how far in time those concepts were. 

The book is 85 years old, yet it shares concepts that seem relevant in today’s time as well. I believe the reason for the book being an international bestseller and actively read even today is because it is a timeless beauty. The problems with people and their low motivation are still the same, although in the past few years we have seen more people starting to dream big after the boom of the self-help industry.

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The places where the author wanted to emphasize certain words or phrases are written in all caps, which slightly kills the mood because I enjoy depth and emphasis with a bit of subtlety. When a certain phrase or word is highlighted, it kind of throws the meaning or summary of an entire section in your face, which reduces the fun of figuring out stuff by ourselves.

The things that I loved about the book were, firstly, the amount of time for which this book has been relevant and has been helping people to dream big by providing a framework of steps for every chapter. It also provides a lot of famous and some personal experiences of the author where these techniques have worked, which gives the readers confidence and willpower to keep working in the directions provided. The few things that I disliked were that the book does complete justice to the title, but the title doesn’t justify the entire book. The book has much more to offer than just thinking mechanisms. Also, the author tries to build-up to the next chapter through the middle of the current chapter, which sometimes throws me off and makes me want to go forward and start reading the next chapter already.

Overall, the book is a timeless classic and laid the foundation for the self-help industry. Some concepts are now starting to get old, but even after 85 years of its release, it succeeds in teaching you a rich way of life.

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