Who Moved My Cheese

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Book Highlights

Title: Who Moved My Cheese

Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Putnam Adult

Pages: 32 Pages

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Who Moved My Cheese: Book Review

The story of Who Moved My Cheese revolves around the lives of 2 mice and 2 little people and emphasizes the difference in approach to their lifestyles. It successfully establishes the difference among different approaches one can take in life with the help of the 4 characters.

The purpose of the Who Moved My Cheese is a simple message about how one needs to keep moving with the changes in life and keep adapting to the present. Consequently, the message is delivered by drawing a comparison between characters who adapt to change, a character that learns to adapt to change, and a character that accepts the past as fate, and denies adapting to change.

Being one of the most famous short stories of all time, according to me, the content is completely worth the hype. Moreover, you will find that the writing is crisp, and deep at the same time.

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Apart from giving a piece of life-changing advice, the story of Who Moved My Cheese is interesting and grasps one to want to know what’s coming next. I love reading short stories, but at the same time, I hate cliffhangers.

The story ends on a cliff-hanger which was a bit off-putting for me, as I’d prefer a cliched happy ending any day. But for those who love modern cliff-hanger endings, the story is perfect and gives some insights on driving your life yourself and not worrying about the direction.

This story constantly reminds you to take decisions fearlessly, and not be afraid of the consequences. Hence, the message is nailed deeper into the readers’ minds with the few metaphorical quotes that give deep life lessons.

I’d recommend this as a must-read for everyone who’s got 30 extra minutes.

Who Moved My Cheese: Book Summary

  1. Never rest on your past laurels.
  2. Induce efforts to stay updated to the circumstances.
  3. Your efforts are rewarded back some way or the other.

Who Should Read It?

This is a wonderful book for those in the wrong habit of entitlement and who spend great time in overthinking.

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Top Quotes: Who Moved My Cheese

  • If you do not change, you’ll become extinct.
  • When you stop being afraid, you start becoming good.
  • Noticing small change early, helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.

Who Moved My Cheese Notes

1. If you do not change, you’ll become extinct 🦖

  • Adapt yourself to learn new things and never rely on your past victories for giving you future successes.
  • Understand the demand of the market and work accordingly to capitalise it.

2. What would you do if you weren’t afraid 😨

  • The fear inside you stops you from taking a step towards better future. The idea of “what if” runs within the mind and it prevents you from attempting it.
  • Master your mind and face your fears head on.

3. Movement in new direction helps you find new cheese 🧭

  • Encourage yourself to learn about new things and how it can benefit you.
  • New skills and new opportunities have the option to open new avenues of success.

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4. Imagining yourself enjoying new cheese leads you to it 🧀

  • The power of visualization helps in motivating yourself to put in the desired efforts to look what you always wanted.
  • The constant visualization of the end goal encourages you to draw up the path that is required to achieve that.

5. Noticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come 📈

  • Devote time in increasing the knowledge around the field of study.
  • Figure out how can you become more proficient and understand when to pivot.

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