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Best Short Books To Read in 2023

If you have read our previous article to develop the reading habit, you must be seeking some short yet entertaining textbooks that can help you pick up books more often until it becomes your habit. In this article, I will suggest short books to help you do so.

#1 Short Books To Read in 2023

Who Moved My Cheese

Written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese is a fantastic book teaching how to face the problems in life. It is a story about 2- couples who react differently to the same crises. 

The book shows the role of different emotions and how a negative mindset causes further downfall. This story constantly reminds you to take action fearlessly and not be afraid of the consequences. Hence, the message is nailed deeper into the reader’s mind with a few symbolic quotes that give valuable life lessons.

#2 Short Books To Read in 2023

Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed is a book written by Admiral William (Retired) based on ten life lessons he learned while serving in the Navy for 36 years. The book is only approximately 70 pages long and provides concise advice.
The book is interesting and motivating, with so many valuable lessons. Each chapter is inspired by the author’s Navy life and explains how tiny habits and lessons led to the development of such a personality. He understood that people wanted to know more about bringing order to their lives and discovering their true potential, so he packed his life lessons in the book Make Your Bed.
The most fundamental instruction he has to share is to make your bed every day when you wake up. When you read through his thesis, you will encounter logic and reasoning that you cannot possibly comprehend.

#3 Short Books To Read in 2023

The Richest Man In Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the most recognized and well-received books in the personal finance industry, thanks in part to its effortless storytelling and short length, and in part to its great concept. I’ve made some notes to enhance my money, and I’m sure you’ll find this book useful as well.

This book has a wealth of financial knowledge that will never fail to astound you. Each lesson applies to amassing a large wealth and protecting yourself from uncertainty. The Richest Man in Babylon is a compilation of lectures about properly managing your money and living your life to the fullest. People from previous ages must have been geniuses because when you study them, you’ll discover that their teachings are still beneficial and may serve as the first step toward financial success. You will be preoccupied with securing your future. I am confident that you will obey their regulations.

#4 Short Books To Read in 2023

Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog is a self-help book that addresses the issue of procrastination. The ‘Frog’ in the title represents any difficult chore or activity, and the phrase Eat That Frog encourages readers to face the front. Eat That Frog is a lyrical representation of doing the difficult things in life. You may not enjoy it, but it is vital for your development.

The book is written in a brief, simple, and to-the-point manner. There would be no irrelevant or undesired texts to confirm the theory. This book is very useful for individuals who desire to cultivate a reading habit. Such little novels can help you take your first steps toward reading more literature.
Brian offers 21 distinct solutions in which he explains why we procrastinate and how we can overcome it. One of the greatest reasons I’ve heard thus far is that we delay because we aren’t confident in our abilities, don’t find the activity interesting, or don’t produce an instant consequence.

#5 Short Books To Read in 2023

Life is Short and So is This Book

The book Life is Short and So Is This by Peter Atkins is a collection of suggestions about how to spend your life more effectively. He distills the principles of his life into this book using his decades of experience managing his investment firm, along with his time spent working for Microsoft and other major corporations.

This would be an excellent book to start with if you ever wanted to choose short novels so that you could finish them easily and quickly. The ideas in the book are inspiring and upbeat, and the book is simple to read.
Life is Short, and So Are You This book covers subjects like how to improve ourselves and make our lives more purposeful and appreciative.



These books contains a lot of knowledge and you are bound to learn very much from them. The small size of the book will help you develop a continuous reading habi and gain a lot of experience.

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