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With the fast digitization and spreading of quality education, people are getting more progressive as they enter one new year after another.

Education, especially about managing money and personal finance, has encouraged individuals to look after their money better.

This kind of awareness is also causing people to look out for side hustles and new income streams especially taking lessons from the destruction caused by Covid-19. Side hustles are very useful in the case of unwanted emergencies and expenditures as it cushions you far better from your peers and prevents you from getting into a debt trap.

With the growing demand for financial knowledge, it is highly advantageous if we can market financial products to the people in need. It not only solves the problem of others but also helps us gain a new income stream.

To service people in this segment, I have one product for you.

The platform where you can earn money by selling financial products is OneCode.

About OneCode:

OneCode is an affiliate marketing platform where you can send links to more than 55+ financial products. 

Whenever you sell a product, you get a commission on that product. The platform has served more than 2.5 million+ customers.OneCode is an ideal platform for financial experts, Direct Selling Agents, or even students and self-employed people.

It is a fantastic product to share with your peers and spread financial knowledge.

OneCode is a great tool for people, especially in Tier-II and Tier-III regions with not so much infrastructural support and employment opportunities. Due to the digital nature of the service, you can sell products pan-India irrespective of your location.

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Benefits of OneCode:

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Zero Investment

One of the starting benefit of using OneCode for earning side income is its nature of zero investment. You just have to sign up here, and enter your credentials and you are good to go. 

Many individuals are not able to enter into a side hustle business due to the investment nature, generally you ought to invest money to buy some assets or some tools for your business. But in this case, you just need to have your mobile phone with you and you are good to go.

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Limitless Earnings:

The next big advantage of OneCode is its earning potential. As a newcomer it is encouraging to try out opportunities that have no ceiling for earning. For people like you, only sky is the limit. There is no cap on your earning limit. The more you sell, the higher your income. It is a good motivation as your rewards are directly related to your efforts. There can be a lot of experimentation and ideas testing which can yield significant rewards for you.

Training And Upskill:

training events

The team of OneCode provides constant support by conducting various online events that teach you more and more about them and their products. The training is conducted in 3 different languages now: which is English, Hindi, and Telugu. New products are constantly introduced in the dashboard and you are provided with more earning opportunities to sell products in your network.

Diverse Products:

In this platform, you will find various products suitable to your network.  Each product category includes different brands giving you competitive advantage to choose the best service for yourself . Moreover, you can share those products that satisfy the needs of your customers.

Referral Income:

What better way to end the benefits of OneCode, by telling about its wonderful referral income. When you refer people and they start building their own business, you get a direct 10% commission of whatever they make.

Try to refer as many people as possible thus increasing your chances to earn clear passive income.

Services Offered:

The products offered in OneCode include Demat accounts to bank accounts. There are also products such as cards for cryptocurrency. You can also recommend digital gold as well as Fastag.

All these products usually find a customer for themselves. Moreover, as per CDSL reports, post-pandemic people have started to focus on buying stocks personally, thus increasing the demand for Demat accounts. Encouraging people about personal finance can easily opt for these Demat Accounts.

Another product you can tell people about is credit cards. Credit cards are a highly useful commodity but must be used carefully. Banks compete with others to gain market share by providing exciting offers to the customers. We can take advantage of this phenomenon as OneCode offers many credit card services.

Digitalization will help you sell these products effortlessly and give you the desired thrust to excel.

Speaking of excel, OneCode also has a referral scheme that can boost your profits and provide better earnings.

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Referral Schemes:

Another type of earning stream offered by OneCode is the means of referral income. If you have enthusiastic people in your network who want to grow a business for themselves, you can earn a referral income of 10% on whatever products they sell.

When you develop a network of good-intention products seller, you will find that your earnings will grow faster than expected, and it will help encourage more people to take up the side-income business.

This medium allows you to gradually decrease your time selling products and let the money be earnt passively.
Passive income is advantageous as it facilitates focusing your time and energy on other streams and lets earlier efforts still pay off.

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How OneCode Operates?

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The company of OneCode connects with the existing financial institutions and partners with them to promote their products on the OneCode platform. 

It creates a win-win situation for all the 3- entities involved.

The financial institution gets people working for them in promoting the product. 

The OneCode company earns money. The customer earns money.

Brand Partners with OneCode:


The brands that partner with OneCode are no ordinary brands. These brands are established brands with a huge presence in the market. 

These brands include:

  • Jupiter
  • Paytm
  • Uni
  • Axis Bank
  • Yes Bank and many more.

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity


Create your own business and build a stream of passive income. 

Attractive Opportunity never before.

I will help you build your own business.

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OnBoarding Process:


The onboarding process is one of the smoothest and quickest processes on OneCode.

  1. Download the OneCode app from link given.
  2. Sign up using your phone number and complete KYC
  3. Get trained online by sales and finance experts
  4. Start sharing the products and earning money from Day One

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Earn 10% when you refer someone

How To Promote:

There are many ways for you to promote this product. It depends on your current network and the number of efforts you are ready to put in.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Writing Blogs and articles: Blogs are one of the standard methods these days to find something about any product. The article you are reading right now is also a form of a blog. There are referral links and codes mentioned in the article. If your reader finds the article useful, they can use your codes or links to join the platform. When bloggers wish to monetize their work, affiliate marketing is frequently their first choice.

    Bloggers typically focus on a narrow specialty and share goods or services that can be of interest to their readers. It might be credit cards, health trackers, or customer management systems.

    The more narrowly you can target your market with this affiliate arrangement, the better. You can use banners, videos, pop-up windows, or links in blog posts to incorporate affiliate marketing on your website. Email and social media could also be in use to spread your links. But only use links when they are appropriate and don’t oversell. Share your links through special deals, gift guides, and product comparisons if you have a newsletter. Finally, focus on only providing links that will benefit and aid your readers. Make sure you initially offer value before just going for the sale.

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  • Telegram and other social channels: The other platform you can use to spread the codes is the telegram channel. These channels are quite popular these days as they provide you with information that is not in mainstream media yet. Many offers and discounts not available on the famous platform get seen here a lot. We have also started a few channels where you can join and see for yourself. If you want to work together, you can use our referral codes, and we can work together to escalate both our businesses.


People interested in creating a second income stream can find this platform suitable. It will require your efforts, and yes, it will be challenging. But that is the beauty of having your own income stream. You can mold your business as per your requirement and your mentality. 

I have pledged to provide you with more attractive opportunities and will add them to this website as frequently as possible.

Make sure to visit the site regularly.

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