How To Win Friends and Influence People

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Title: How To Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Amazing Reads

Pages: 315 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

How To Win Friends and Influence People: Book Review

Does anyone here know “How to Win Friends and Influence People?” Well, I just got to know it from the man himself, “Dale Carnegie”. After reading the book, I searched his name only to look at the person who a long time ago wrote this bible for introverts worldwide. The book describes how a person should behave around others for those people to like him and get influenced. It is a very useful book and explains the psychology behind two people’s conversations.

This objective book starts with techniques for handling people and making people like you, a low self-esteem idea in today’s world. But then it continues to develop these ideas into a personality that drips influence and likability. Being a people pleaser isn’t ideal, but if one can influence people into their way of thinking, it is a powerful skill and is used the most in politics at mass. The book also mentions the idea of being a leader and changing people without offending them, which again may sound wrong, but if mastered could make you a leader of masses that people imagine their whole lives. It also mentions the ways to criticize a person and how people are emotional beings.

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The only negatives in the book are that humans are excessively complex and intelligent beings, while the book focuses only on the surface psychology of human behavior and conversations. Some might say that it enforces the idea of being an outgoing person or becoming a social person, while many people live comfortable lives alone. I’d argue with that criticism, as those people don’t have to read the book. The best part about the book is its descriptive and accurate title. Towards the end, the book also mentions how looking at things from other people’s perspectives can lead you to great success in life which is a piece of great advice after learning to change people’s thoughts to our own as people often become self-absorbed. So yes, If you want to influence people this book will get you going at doing so.

Very few of the books that I read, influence me this much, which again shows how deeply the author understood this problem and its roots. But I believe that even though Dale understood the issues and crafted a solution, he made it too bland to make it appealing to more people. If only the book had deeper psychological references than the ones that are known to most people naturally, it would have been a ten-on-ten. But again, those kinds of multi-layered psychology books are available and not touched by the general public, the book speaks to the masses on how each person is different yet the same on some level, and this gives the art of conversation the power to influence people who share the same bond of interests with you. A MUST-READ.

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