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Morning Habits To Help You Win Your Day

If you look at people in your network, you will hardly see anyone who does not aspire to be successful. The definition of success varies from individual to individual. It’s not all about money. It may be about service, being independent, famous, and whatnot. No two people identify success similarly. Everyone act on their part to achieve success.

You, too, want to have a thriving future, and you are acting accordingly to make it a reality. You perform those actions so frequently that it becomes a habit.

Habits are an integral part of our lives. It defines us. The time we spend doing various activities shapes us, decides who we are and who we become. Your habits are what make you. 

The more frequent you practice, the more proficient you become.

Many of our readers know the benefits of getting early and wish to wake up with the rising sun but are largely unsuccessful.

In our previous article about How to get up early, we presented you with the methods by which you can become a morning person.

That, my friend, is only half a battle won. You must operate your day as an elite performer to get the most out of it.

Remaining disciplined and loyal to your work regime will have glorious effects on your personal and professional life. 

You might have heard the quote, “A wonderful life is nothing more than a series of well-lived days.

To have well-lived days, you must command how to manage your days.

How you operate your early hours will set the flow for your day, and that would build the foundation of your upcoming weeks.

After getting those early hours in silence and solitude, you might want to do several activities, or to a complete contrast, you might want to run back to your lovely cozy bed. But that bed will not bring out the elite-ness in you and show everyone your competence.

In this article, you will learn about 5-core activities, when incorporated as morning habits, which will provide you boost and motivation throughout the day, helping you end your day on a high note. 

Including these activities as your morning habits and setting them in your routine will provide long-term benefits in a varied field of interest.

So let’s begin.

1. Exercising

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The first technique that you need to adopt is exercising.

Now you may wonder how exercising as a habit will help you become successful.

Exercising first thing in the morning will not only keep you awake, but it would provide the necessary movements for your body which is otherwise hard to get in a sedentary lifestyle.

According to a study, an average person spends 33-years in bed, either sleeping or trying to sleep.

Going for exercise immediately after waking up will help in installing a new habit as your body will be used to not sleeping any more past your wake-up time. It will act as a trigger that will prevent you from dozing off and getting any more sleep that you require.

Early morning exercises will help in improving your metabolism and keep you fit. You would create better awareness about yourself and develop a conscious effort to keep it healthy.

It is safe to say that, “The secret to living more is not to die.” The more you remain healthy, the more energetic you are.

Early morning workouts release dopamine and serotonin, which elevates mood and happiness. They create a feeling of well-being and also help in the regulation of sleep.

In addition to cleansing cortisol which prevents you from doing any new activities beyond your comfort zone, your body releases BDNF, which helps create new habits.

As per a study, our brain has shown plastic-like features, meaning it can form new neurons which can over-write old behaviors and habits. But it requires consistent efforts and discipline.

Remember any activity from the past, how difficult it was to learn and perform it. But with consistency, your brain was able to learn and develop neurons that would make you proficient in it. It was due to the neuroplasticity that our brain offers us. The same goes for early morning exercises.

Adding early morning exercise to your regime will set a foundation for the whole day and give you a boost of energy throughout the day, providing those extra hours for doing crucial tasks which otherwise would not be possible.

You will do more things within the same period, even try out new activities if you wish.


  • Go for a walk immediately when you wake up. Then choose a workout session that makes you sweat. Sweat is important. It releases waste from your body.
  • Do a full-body exercise, work o your core, anything that you feel could be done by you.
  • Choose exercise that pushes your limit. Gradually increase your hurdle so that your body is well prepared. It will make you mentally stern too.

2. Meditation

The person in the image is meditating.

Meditation is another technique you must blend into your daily routine.

You might feel that sitting idle with your thoughts would be difficult and not at all beneficial. But it’s what you need to do precisely.

For instance, count the moments when you were consciously doing something?

How many times in a day do you ask yourself whether the things you are doing are helping or not? There are hardly ever. Your brain always works in autopilot mode. Without thinking, without questioning whether it is correct or not, you do it.

Such a fast-paced life has prevented us from introspecting the little things in life, and we realize our mistakes when it gets too late.

Meditation helps in bringing self-awareness. When you are idle with your thoughts, you have no choice but to think. Evaluating your daily decisions, improving productivity, helping you become better, and removing activities not giving the desired results.

Meditation brings peace and stillness to your mind helping you reduce stress, which usually occupies your mind throughout the work period allowing you to concentrate more on your tasks.

You become calmer, and your mind begins to filter the noise in your surrounding, which otherwise contributes to lowering down your productivity. You do not waste the peace of mind in useless activities, increasing your laser-sharp attention.

You will observe increasing limits of patience & rising focus as a meditation practice requires a lot of effort in itself.

All these effects of meditation will improve your work-life, giving you better results, with the same efforts because this time, you consciously decide where to put the energy, thus maximizing profit.


  • The early morning is a quiet period to meditate when nobody else is around you to disturb you. 

  • Find a well-lit place with adequate ventilation and get in a comfortable position. Take deep breaths and focus.

  • Think about the things you wish to achieve. Think about your goals and what you need to incorporate to achieve the goals. Write them down after your session and work on them. Gradually you will find answers that will help you to improve.

3. Reading Books

reading, book, habit

The next weapon you need to master your morning is the habit of reading books, especially self-help books. Many find it an uninteresting utilization of time and energy, an activity for boring people, yet successful personalities openly preach the role of reading books in their lives and how it influenced them.

Reading books takes you to a different world, full of magic. You become aware of the ideas present around us.

You are acquainted with the opportunities and concepts which seemed to be unthinkable. You travel to a world beyond imagination.

Reading books delivers motivation. You are surrounded by positivity and inspiration, helping you strengthen your will.

In fact, reading self-help books will provide you with vast ideas and concepts which you can implement in your daily routine to improve your output.

Books also help us improve our mindset towards life and the happenings around us. It encourages us, inspires us to become better, contributing to holistic development.


  • Choose good quality self-help books and autobiographies to read. If you do not have a habit of reading books, start slow. Try 1-2-pages a day. Do not push yourself.

  • The initial days are tough as it takes time to install a new habit but, with persistence, you will find magnificent changes.

  • Gradually increases your limits and period for reading books.

  •  But do choose a calm and quiet environment. Time after early morning meditation is recommendable or during the evening No-technology time.

4. Listening Audiobooks

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How you handle your time vastly impacts your productivity. And in our endeavor to improve our productivity, the method that will help us is listening to audiobooks.

An audiobook is a recording of a book or other work being readout.

There are autobiographies, novels, and lots of other audiobooks. But for our purposes, all those categories that provide motivation shall work. There are millions of audiobooks that you can get your hands on; to start your journey.

You could listen to any book of your preference while doing any inefficient task like commuting from work. 

Learning becomes easy if you desire it. 

Just find the time where you can multitask, and just put on the earpieces and play your favorite book.

I am not recommending multitasking while doing some high-intensity work that requires your full attention and focus- instead, you should opt for it when you are doing usual chores, where you can afford to multitask.

A side benefit of listening to audiobooks is improving your listening skills, helping you understand better. You learn to convey depth, emotions, expressions, which can help your overall development.


  • Look for the time in your routine when commuting to work or doing household chores.

5. Planning Your Day

as a part of the morning habit, the person in this image is writing down the things to do in the day.

The last habit that will help you find your true potential is planning your day. We always excuse that we do not have time because we are too busy but guess what, a CEO, the bishop in your church, and the people stuck in their career all have 24-hours. The only thing that matters is how you plan your day. You can spend it by deciding your goals and putting them on a piece of paper, or it can be left to run on by itself.

Planning our day provides us with the time when we can consciously decide what we need to do to have a world-class day.

When you invest 15-20 mins each day, you will realize you will be able to gain at least an hour or so.

You can even find time to journal. Journalling has its benefits and is another task you must try.

While planning, we are at the driving seat to determine what we should do, how much time one should spend, and when.


  • Make a diary and devote at least 15-20-mins each morning.

  • Make the list of priority tasks and complete it as per the requirement.

  • Accordingly, arrange the unproductive but necessary tasks.


Blend these 5-habits in your daily routine and see the results.

These 5-core habits will create complete development, catapulting your productivity and career to new heights. I hope that these activities will help you achieve what you have set out to achieve, giving you a life full of success and victory.

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