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Amway Direct Retailer


  1. An Amway Direct Retailer is an Entrepreneur engaged in the sale of Amway products to Customers by themself. An ADR does not have the right to create a team of entrepreneurs like an Amway Direct Seller.
  2. Every new joinee will start by selling to Customers and be called ADR. Amway Direct Retailer can sell Amway products to personally referred PCs and non-registered Customers. ADR cannot personally register new Amway Direct Retailers

Benefits of Retailer:

  • Free Shipping
  • 100% Organic Products
  • High Savings
  • Easy To Return
  • Gain easy and fast access 24/7 to high quality products for everyday use
  • Earn commission by selling products to the customers

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Steps For Joining

Before registering as an ADR, you need to have a referral number of existing Amway Business Owner. You can find out if anyone in your network can offer the reference.

Step 1:- Have a referral number? If you do not have one, click the button above and enter you email id above to get a referral number.

Step 2 :- Go to the website.

Step 3 :- Enter the required details and register yourself as an ADR.

How To Build Your Business

To add more people to downline, you must upgrade yourself to become Amway Direct Seller and understand about the business in deep.

You must know how the business operates, what is the optimal step for you to build your own business and how you can expand efficiently in this business.

If you are interested, we can help you out in learning about the necessary information and guide you to build your own business. 

Click on the button below and you will be instructed for the necessary steps.

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