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Become An Independent Business Owner

If you stumbled across our post, Why Have Multiple Sources of Income, and wish to increase your income by starting your own business, becoming an Independent Business Owner can be a magnificent way to generate wealth.

What does an Independent Business Owner do, and how do they operate? You might think.

Do not worry.

In this article, you will get a detailed explanation of this business, and I will teach you how to do it. Furthermore, there is also a BONUS hidden for you.

So what exactly is it?

Let me explain.

Have you ever searched on the internet for some passive income business ideas? Or methods to work from home doing things online and still make money. Does searching for opportunities that can allow you to make money without any investment sound familiar to you?

All of the above can be made possible with this business. You can become an Independent Business Owner and earn money from home.

A Thinking Exercise

Paint a picture for me, will you?

You are at your home with your family doing some budgeting and financial planning on where to put the money for a secured future. You have recently been made aware of the recession and possible decline in jobs in the market. Looking across the table, you see your bottle of supplements because you are aware that your age requires it. There are many other day to day products that you would choose to stop buying for instance, switch to a low cost detergent or grooming kit. But then you remember that you might want to stop buying them and other things to adjust your finances.

Do you think there can be a solution that can solve both our problems? You do not like to stop the vitamins, but again you wouldn’t want to make a leak on your budget.

The solution to our little problem is in the Direct Selling Business by becoming an Independent Business Owner for Amway or the commonly used term Amway Business Owner.

Let me take you through the difference between a Traditional sales business and a Direct Selling Business.

Traditional Vs. Direct Selling Business

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In the traditional business model, a product gets manufactured in a plant from where it gets transported to wholesalers via several distributors. Then, it gets distributed to the retailers from where any customer purchases the product. Between the transportation among these entities, the price of the product increases, which ultimately burdens the end-user: the customer.

Combat such a problem, the direct selling business transports the product directly from the factory to the customer. Skipping the cost ultimately relieves the purse of the customer. Moreover, the direct selling businesses reward the customer by giving back commission.  There are many types of Direct Selling Models. For example single-level marketing, multi-level marketing, etc. The kind of model Amway follows is a multi-level marketing model

Single Level Marketing

Single Level Marketing

In Single level marketing, the independent business owners sell the product directly to its customer and earn a commission accordingly. There are no unwanted entities involved, just you, the company, and your customer. All your work is talking to your leads and providing information. The company does all the tasks for you, including the shipping. It works like a typical online store.

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Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing pattern

In Multi-Level Marketing, apart from selling to the customers, you bring like-minded people with you, and train them accordingly. When Amway Business Owners build their business, they get points and ultimately move up the tier to generate higher commissions. The early you start in this type of business, the greater your chances to have a good position.

What is an Amway Business Owner?

Amway Business Owners sells products within their network of people and earn money. You encourage other people to join this business at zero cost, and when they grow, you get paid your share of effort and hard work.

This type of business is a collective business that increases your earnings as you train more people around you, and don’t worry, you will get a lot of guidance to prepare others.

So, In what category would I put this business? This business is a hybrid of the active and passive business models.

What does a passive income mean in business? You may ask.

Passive Income Business

The Amway Business Owner first works to build their business. You would talk to your leads and improve your business. There might be instances where you will feel lost and you will also commit some huge blunders along the way, but hey, that is the price you pay in doing a business. You earn some, and you learn some.

Later, when you think you would no longer like to continue, the teams and the networks you build still allow you to earn money. Their efforts would still allow you to move up the hierarchy and earn more commission. You can shut off your PC or laptop and still hear the ka-ching! tone when the commission hits your bank account.

This business is one of the best passive income businesses all across the globe, where your efforts get paid back. And it’s not even the end. After your demise, you can transfer the account to your children, and they still get to earn from where you have left.

I know it is hard to control your excitement. Before you join as an Independent Business Owners, apologies Amway Business Owner let us learn about the History of Amway first.

About Amway

Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel started Amway in 1959, and they transformed the direct selling business model.
Their global footprint stretches across six continents, with more than 100 countries and territories. They have their headquarter in Ada, Michigan, USA.
They are still one of the world’s largest family-owned businesses. The Amway Business is so successful that it is still changing the retail business after more than 60 years by allowing Amway Business owners to be social commerce leaders.

amway logo

The company has 9-brands under its hood. Each one committed to a separate field. The brand is

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Amway Queen

In India, it started its operation in 1998 and is approaching its silver jubilee years.

Now comes the part about the services and products Amway Business has to offer.

Why Join Amway?

In the pursuit to gain financial independence, this is one of the best opportunities. You can earn money from home without any investment.
Amway is the leading direct seller company, having the best quality products.
Its brand NUTRILITE is the world’s No. 1 supplement brand in the dietary supplement category. All products are manufactured with the highest care and are 100 percent organic. The firm has over 1000 global patents and over 100 R&D labs, providing it a significant competitive edge against its competitors.
When deciding to join any firm, you must possess detailed information about the type and the quality of products the company offers you can proudly sell. Having recruited more than 900+ scientists regularly working to improve the commodities for its customers and have a better experience is definitely a plus point.
After joining Amway Business, you will be called Amway Independent Business Owners or Amway Distributors.
This business provides ordinary people an opportunity to run their own business according to their wishes and choices. Furthermore, it also proves to be a passive income source enabling you to fulfill your needs and aspirations.

What are the benefits of Amway Business?

Benefits of joining Amway Business:-

    • Monthly passive income
    • Free foreign trips upon qualification
    • Adequate training and support from companies and mentors
    • Personal recognition.
    • Adjustable opportunities ranging from part-time to full-time activity
    • Spouses or family members can be partners in business (family business)
    • Transfer your business to your children.

I know you must be drooling right now. So let us understand how you can join this business.
In India, where I am based, you can become the Amway Business Owner by registering as an Amway Direct Retailer or ADR.

You can sell the products to the customer and earn a commission. You still get to acquire the points and move up the ladder.

A detailed note about Amway Direct Retailer can be found below.

You still get to acquire the points and move up the ladder, but there is only much far you can go on your own.

To allow your efforts to compound and create wealth for yourself, you must get upgraded from ADR to Amway Direct Seller or ADS.

A detailed note about Amway Direct Retailer can be found below.

A tabular representation can summarize the three categories.
All the above information helps you become familiar with how the hierarchy operates.

Preferred Customer

A preferred customer is the end-product consumer and uses the premium class products.

Amway Direct Retailer

An Amway Direct Retailer is an Entrepreneur engaged in the sale of Amway products to Customers by themself.

Amway Direct Seller

An Amway Direct Seller is an Entrepreneur engaged in the sale of Amway products to Customers by self or through a team of similar entrepreneurs and Amway Direct Retailers introduced to the Amway business opportunity.

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How to Start Amway Business and Become Independent Business Owner?

Having the right start can be advantageous for setting up your passive income business. The beauty of this business is that you can start it according to your liking. There is no fixed rule to approach this business, but there are some don’t of this business that you can find here.
If you have an established social media presence, you can promote the products online or if you work among a large committee of people in the health industry, you already have prospects. If you are a gym trainer, a dietician, or even own a salon, you already have customers that can buy your products.
Your mentors will guide and work together on your ideas for achieving higher pin levels.

Want To Create Your Own Business?

How does Pin Level work?

As you earn points, the total point accumulation of the month will earn you various pin levels.
The minimum qualification to be recognized as a pin holder is achieving a 21% pin level in a single month. The more frequent you attain a 21% level, the higher the pin level.

chart, commission chart

Now let us understand the compensation plan, which will explain how you can earn.

promotional offer

Amway Compensation Plan

The 4-categories according to which an Amway Business Owner earns money are

Trade Income

A Discount is given to Amway Direct Seller and Amway Direct Retailer when they affect purchases of eligible products from Amway for retailing.

Retail Income

Retail margin is the difference between your selling price and purchase price (Distributor Acquisition Price(DAP)). As an Amway Direct Seller or Amway Direct Retailer, you determine the price you charge (up to MRP). When selling products to customers above your DAP you keep the retail margin.

Core Plan

To recognize and reward your hard work and achievements: Amway offers an attractive reward program. You generate points on products purchased to resell. Commissions get decided on the generated team points through product sales and the sales team.

Core+ Plan

The Amway Core + is a discretionary incentives program designed to complement the Amway Direct Seller (ADS) and Retailer (ADR) Income from Core Compensation Plan. Core Plus incentives can help ADS & ADR start earning more from their first sale, and rewards can keep growing as their business grows

The bigger your team gets, the more are the accumulated points. These points determine your pin level that in turn decides your commission. For detailed explanation check out the Amway sales plan.

How to Grow Fast?

Becoming an Independent Business Owner is not easy it is not all money and fame. You will definitely have your fair share of struggles that will decide your outcome in this business.
The pace of growth of your business depends on how much time you devote to your business as an Independent Business Owner. The greater the time, the higher the growth rate. The more leads you generate, the more people you talk to, the higher your chances to succeed. You must persist and work hard to achieve financial freedom.
It starts as a small business that allows you to work online and gradually prepares you to spread your wings across the nation.
Do remember your mentors are there to guide you, so you need not worry about the journey. Your mentors and upline will be there to support you and build your great business.

Amway Business Good Or Bad?

The above statement is one of the frequently asked questions on the internet, who have no idea about the business and try to find the answer on google. They search for the content and try to make sense of the information, but such a pool of data prevents them from making one of the challenging yet fruitful decisions of their life.
I cannot tell you if it is good or bad, it depends on your experience inside this business and how you approached this enterprise. In many cases, you do not get a pleasant first impression until you really devote the time. However, the thing I would like to encourage you, readers, is that this business is worth a try. If you like to get relieved from your financial issues, and if you want to serve others and better their lives, then this is the business for you.
As mentioned above, you will find immense income opportunities and potential in this business that will completely change your life. With this ensemble of knowledge about Amway Business, along with the official Amway Brochures, I hope you will be able to make an Informed Decision.
We have motivated our readers to find new streams of income and have sworn to provide as many business opportunities we can find so our readers and our community can grow. So here is my effort for you.

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Should I Join Amway Business?

Amway Business is an income-generating opportunity, a great passive income business idea for any individual to become Independent Business Owners, particularly when you consider the case of India. India is a growing population but with limited prospects. This business is a good form of passive income business ideas in India. If you have enough passion within yourself, you will find many more doors opening up in front of you to serve your society and meanwhile earn for yourself, breaking the shackles of financial limitations.
The Independent Business Opportunity has shown how to start a business without money and liability. Wouldn’t it be great to give it a go?

We have constantly encouraged you to find new income streams at every step of your life. It is one of them. The early you start, the better for you, just like the power of compound interest, and the more you will enjoy the business.
You will be able to devote time to your families, find the time for your hobbies, maybe the sports you like to prefer playing on weekends but find very few people, who use these days to take rest from their 9 to 5 jobs. You will discover that this industry helps you grow and enrich yourself with pearls of wisdom from your mentors, who stay in regular touch.

What Is The Income Potential Of This Business?

The income varies as per the pin level. The higher the pin level greater the incentive. Your aim should be to build great teams in this venture, not only monetary benefits. But also who believe in uplifting the community, whose primary intent is to help and benefit others. Amway Business has made possible to generate 7-8 figures sum per annum but it doesn’t come easy. There are efforts required. If you think that you have what it takes then you must surely go for it.

How can a company offer so much? It must be costly!!

Well, in reality, it is not. 

In the usual scenario, the product, upon getting released from the factory, goes to the wholesaler, then to a local distributor, then to ordinary shops, increasing its value manifolds. And also include the delivery cost on the final price, each time it was delivered. Amway bypasses all this and directly delivers the goods to your doorstep and offers this cost back to its customers. The concentrated products provide high value than any ordinary product as the cost per use is far below the other products.

The explanation can go but, you must make a decision.

The crucial decision you need to think of right now is are you ambitious enough to try out this great business that could change your lifestyle and create a better future or not.

Businesses can be tricky, it’s not for everyone. If you want to generate wealth, this can be a wonderful opportunity.I hope you can make an informed decision after understanding about this business. Good Luck!!

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