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Amway Direct Seller

Amway Direct Seller

 An Amway Direct Seller(ADS) is an Entrepreneur engaged in the sale of Amway products to Customers by self or through a team of similar entrepreneurs and Amway Direct Retailers introduced to the Amway business opportunity.
Furthermore, you as an ADS can sell Amway products to personally referred registered PCs & non-registered customers and can enlist ADRs frontline to them. Every new joinee will start their Amway business as ADR and, on discretion, can migrate to an ADS after fulfilling the defined criteria:

  • After completing the 90 days criteria, you (ADRs) can apply to become ADS, where they need to view a video explaining the guidelines and responsibility as ADS and answer a small test. You as an ADS will enjoy the commission from his downline team.

Benefits of ADS

Benefits of Amway Direct Seller:

  • 100% Organic Products
  • Easy To Return
  • Choose to grow your business full time or part time
  • Experience and utilise leadership support, training and digital business tools
  • Gain easy and fast access 24/7 to high quality products for everyday use
  • Enjoy the best of product shopping experience
  • Commission from downline ADRs and ADS teams.
  • Foreign trips
  • Qualification bonus

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Steps For Becoming ADS


  • Log in to www.amway.in then Attend mandatory Orientation.
  • You have to provide Personal and sponsor Details and then upload documents.
  • After that, you have to enter your phone number and then do e-mail verification.
  • Get registered as an Amway Direct Retailer (ADR).
  • You must remember that the registration is valid for a period of 90 days from the date of Joining.


  1. As a new ADR (within 90 days of joining) you need to achieve a cumulative sale of a minimum of Rs.5000 through at least 3- personally referred PCs (each of these 3 PCs should contribute to this cumulative sale of Rs.5000) to be eligible to remain as an ADR or become an ADS. However, in the event of non-fulfillment of the 90 days sales criteria, you (the ADR) will get converted to a PC, and any downline PCs registered by them will get reassigned to their upline eligible ADS.
  2. The ADR status validity gets extended for a period of 1 year from the date of joining on complying with 90 days sales criteria subject to fulfilling the prescribed Annual Sales Criteria (detailed below).
  3. Achieve minimum Annual Sales of Rs. 10,000 through the sale of products to personal PCs & non-registered customers. Moreover, the sales of at least Rs.5000 cumulative (out of this Rs.10000) must be to at least 3 Personal PCs.


Becoming an ADS

  • You are required as an ADR to comply with the 90 days sales criteria. Thereafter, undergo the Business Development Assessment and Certification Program
  • Once you complete as an ADR, the Business Development Assessment and Certification Program & becomes an Amway Direct Seller (ADS)then you (ADS) will be eligible to sponsor others to join the Amway business and make them a part of you sales team.
  • Complete at least 24 hours from joining. (there is a 24-hour cooling off from the date and time of joining and activation of sponsoring rights will happen only post that)
  • You will get (ADR) automatically converted to ADS on completion of the above requirements (whichever is later), thereupon your membership will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of joining. Afterwhich you as an Amway Direct Seller (ADS) will have to complete the Annual Sales Criteria each year (detailed below) to continue as Amway Direct Seller with sponsoring rights.

The following rules are as of February 2022. For latest rules check the website.

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