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How To Maintain Physical Well-Being and A Healthy Lifestyle

The world as you know it today vastly differs compared to 100 or even 50 years prior. Vast credit belongs to the industrial revolution, which enabled the world to create and manufacture goods, uplifting the human race. Then arrived the internet era, the era which brought people together. You could be miles apart, yet only a single touch away.

Great things changed in transitioning from the industrial era to the internet era. Especially the way the work happens now.

The industrial age was the labor work era. It was required to go to the factories and earn a living. Hardly anyone was involved in the job of thinking. But now it has changed.

In today’s world, the dominant job is to produce not from the body but the brain. Your brain is the asset that rewards you, and it becomes your job to shield it from illness of any kind.

Your brain is in the driver’s seat to offer you highly efficient work.

Now let us understand some primary behaviors which can help you protect and guard your assets.

Fundamentals for Physical Well-Being

Established ideas have frequently been presented to the public, citing a link between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Our health is one of the primary pillars contributing to our success. Our health determines how we operate. If we have high energy and an active body, we can devote much of our focus to the project, however demanding it may seem. But instead, if our body is dull and inactive, we may find it challenging to give long sessions of high focus to the project.

Health issues, no matter how subtle, can obstruct or even overwhelm other elements of your life. Even simple health conditions like aches, pains, fatigue, and indigestion can hurt your happiness and stress levels. Committing healthy behaviors is one strategy to increase your capacity to manage stress and feel better.

Poor health habits can increase stress in your life and affect your ability to cope. Stress is a binding result of bad health. Health issues have an impact on other aspects of your life. Health issues may make everyday chores more difficult, cause financial stress, and even risk your ability to work.

What is Good Health?

Good health is said to be the balance of your physical well-being along with mental strength. This state gives you the command over yourself and allows your body to have smooth functioning, preventing you from illness and diseases. A healthy lifestyle gives you the ability to live a meaningful life.

Healthy Behaviours For Physical Well-Being

Broadly, there are 3-important behaviors for a well-built fitness which are:

  1. Exercising

  2. Nutrition

  3. Recovery

Let us understand each of them in detail.

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1. Exercising

The first step to attaining good health is obviously exercising.

You can find many periods during your day to exercise, but to get the maximum result, I request you to wake up before the sun and train.

Getting up when everybody is asleep gives you an upper edge, and you can spend the early hours in silence with fewer disturbances.

If you find it difficult to wake up early, I encourage you to check out the article How To Get Up Early.


Advantages of exercise to stay healthy:

Early morning workouts boost mood and happiness by releasing dopamine and serotonin. They provide a sense of well-being while also aiding in sleep control.

In addition to removing cortisol, which keeps you from trying new things outside of your comfort zone, your body releases BDNF. BDNF promotes the process of neurogenesis, helping in the formation of new neurons within your brain, which aids in the creation of new habits.

Morning exercise further produces norepinephrine, which activates peak concentration, allowing you to focus in such a distraction-filled ecosystem.

Exercise in the morning can help you maintain your fitness and improve your metabolism. You would have a deeper understanding of yourself and make a conscious effort to keep it healthy. Try as much organic food as possible to give your body the best treatment.

Moreover, you should add a second training session in the evening to increase your fitness level. It would multiply the effect and reward you even better.

Regularly try to do stretching exercises and push your body limits.

The weight training exercises along with cardio prove to be a force multiplier. Cardio activity improves blood sugar regulation, reduces stress on vital organs, and lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It also aids in the improvement of excellent cholesterol levels as well as the reduction of blood fats.

Image of the fruit bowl.

2. Nutrition

The subsequent behavior you should be focusing on is understanding the nourishment your body gets.

Rather than eating only to improve your appearance in your pants, you should also commit to consuming meals that will increase your energy and keep your system working smoothly.

 It is because what you eat has an influence on your stress levels as well as your health. Have you ever noticed how your mood swings are consistent when you eat junk food? It is due to a shortage of necessary nutrients alongside the abundance of sugar, salt, saturated fats, and additives. All of these substances, particularly refined carbohydrates, lead your body to experience energy dips on a regular basis. 

This is why you are frequently unhappy and tired during the day. Begin with a simple modification, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, even as snacks. Try eating organic and green vegetables over-processed foods.

Importance of Nourishment for fitness:

When you eat well, you provide your body with essential nutrients. In order to function properly, your metabolism needs all of the required nutrients. Protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water are paramount. Your body would not function properly if any of these ingredients were missing. Eat a healthy and balanced diet whether you wish to shed body fat or gain muscle.

There are also other healthy behaviors that you can attempt and incorporate into your lifestyle for better physical well-being.

Usage Of Dietary Supplements:

About Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Tablets, capsules, soft gels, gelcaps, powders, and liquids are all examples of dietary supplements.

Some supplements can help you acquire enough of the essential nutrients the body needs to operate, while others can help you avoid sickness. Supplements, on the other hand, should not be used to substitute whole meals, which are essential for a healthy diet – so make sure you eat a variety of foods as well.

Health Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Maintaining their general well-being

  • Assist mental and athletic performance.

  • Support the immunological system.

Limiting alcohol and smoking to improve fitness

Smoking is harmful to your health in any amount or form. It can harm our lungs’ airways and air sacs, resulting in chronic bronchitis and breathing problems. It can also elevate blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decrease bone density in women, thus affecting their physical well-being.

High blood pressure, stomach difficulties, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatitis, memory impairment, alcohol dependency, and many psychiatric diseases can all be due to excessive alcohol usage. Excessive alcohol use can also lead to injury and even death. Pregnant women who consume excessive amounts of alcohol may endanger their unborn children. Thus limit the consumption of alcohol for a healthy lifestyle.


During fasting, weight loss is supported by restricting calorie intake and increasing metabolism.

According to a review, intermittent fasting for 3–12 weeks was just as successful as continuous calorie restriction in weight reduction, reducing body weight and fat mass by up to 8% and 16%, respectively.

Fasting is also more efficient than calorie restriction in increasing fat reduction while preserving muscular tissue.


Your physical performance may decrease if you do not remain hydrated. Hydration is especially critical during strenuous activity or in hot weather.

Even if you lose only 2% of your body’s water capacity, dehydration has a visible effect. Sweating, on the other hand, can cause athletes to lose as much as 6–10 percent of their body weight.

It can result in a change in body temperature, a decrease in motivation, and an increase in weariness. It can also make physical and mental activity feel much more challenging. It has been proven to be prevented by optimal hydration, which may also lessen the oxidative damage occurring during high-intensity exercise. After you realize that muscle contains around 80% water, this isn’t unexpected.

For a detailed explanation of the benefits of hydration, click here.

Till now, you’ve learned the necessity of workouts and activities in achieving physical well-being alongside the importance of food and the types of nourishment you should consume.

The image of relaxing.

3. Recovery

And now comes the little-known aspect of a successful and healthy lifestyle: preserving and enjoying your maximum potential.

For to be able to enjoy your fitness and well-being, it is essential that whatever you do, is sustainable. Longevity really is a key to legendary. You must be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and discipline, and that is why spending time for the recovery of your body is as essential as working out. Recovery is not a luxury; it is a need and a top priority that is important to sustain for not just years but decades. You desire to enjoy your life for as long as you want. You want to remain the industry leader for as long as possible. 

To sustain a long phase of such high performance, you must give your body some stretch to rejuvenate and be relaxed. You can utilize this period to do things that inspire you, maybe visiting some places or going on a vacation with your family. Massage and meditation can offer you the breather essential to your body. It could be spending time with nature. Whatever serves you.

Create Your Routine:

It is critical that you be able to implement these habits into your lifestyle after learning about the balanced viewpoint on how to improve your physical well-being.

It’s far more challenging to attain long-term success in any topic, much alone build a well-balanced workout regimen if you don’t have a routine. Yes, many individuals, including you and me, fail here. We go out, exercise hard for a day or two, then take a one-day respite before starting again. It’s natural, yet success seldom comes without difficulty and hard work.

So let me show you the science by which you will be able to incorporate a new activity into your regular routine that will no longer seem fresh within a few weeks. It will become so ingrained in your everyday training that you will miss it if you don’t have it. And, sure, you can use this science to learn any new behavior you choose.

To begin, you must understand what neurogenesis is. Don’t worry; the word isn’t quite as hard to comprehend as it looks.

The notion of neurogenesis states that all of our behaviors, good or bad, are the results of the intertwining and connecting of millions of neurons.

But they are not permanent.

Provided if we want to change our routines, should I say improve our habits, it is quite possible. The mechanism of neural plasticity, also known as brain plasticity, refers to changes in the structure or activity pattern of the brain caused by remodeling of individual cell connections, remapping of whole-cell systems, and the formation of new neural connections in both old and freshly generated neurons. This method allows you to learn new habits quite smoothly and live the best of your productive lifestyle.

So How Does It Happen?

Usually, it takes about two months to form a new habit, to actually arrive at a stage where you no longer feel the resistance or need to remind yourself to do anything. It just becomes automatic, and that is what we require.

In these two months, there are many stages that your brain will go through, including the destruction of old neural pathways alongside the creation of new ones. There will be instances when you don’t want to keep going, but you must remember that perseverance is the key to mastery. You have to go through this stage at any cost.

Read this detailed explanation by James Clear, The New York Best Seller for his book Atomic Habits. His explanation is far superior than I would ever be able to explain. I encourage you to give it a thorough look before moving on.

And yes, when I particularly ask about having a morning fitness schedule, I am literally talking about waking early from everybody else. Dedicating proper time to get ahead in your career and especially when you train in the morning, there will be instances when you will not be able to think straight. It might get all fizzy, you cannot decline your job work or study hours just because you went up in the morning and trying to learn a new habit, but you need to continue your daily routine.

So I would recommend you gain skills about properly planning your day to give some room for yourself if any situation arises.

You can check out the article below for properly scheduling your workdays and achieving higher productivity.

Possible Setbacks:

  1. Lack of motivation: There are high chances that after reading such an article, you become motivated to achieve your physical well-being, but gradually you might lose it as well. To combat such problems, I advise you to write out your reasons for wanting to be in shape. It may appear unreasonable because who doesn’t want to be healthy? However, there may be some additional reasons that are unique to you. Such reasons can increase the likelihood of helping you to stay motivated. The books mentioned after the post will provide further support from my end, as they will address the necessity of getting healthy and the approaches and procedures you may use to get better outcomes.

  2. Pushing too much early on: I’m sure you’ve done something similar in the past. You get energized and driven, and the first day you begin your workout, you go too far. It results in muscle stiffness and even discomfort, preventing you from resuming your training. You must realize that pushing our muscles to their limits causes them to improve, but this should be a gradual process. If you can lift 40 kg at the gym, the next stage would be 45 or 50 kilograms. Even if 100kgs is your goal, you cannot just jump to it. So be cautious and avoid making this error.


It is challenging to work and strive for a healthy lifestyle. You abstain from a variety of foods that you usually like. But it is the price you must pay in order to achieve elite status.


A quick disclaimer that these are not medical advice. You must consult your doctor as they can give you accurate information according to your body.


Health is the crown on a fit person’s head that only a sick person can see.

This quote from 5 AM Club is too profound and applicable universally. Your health becomes a foundation for your success and helps you get involved in many things to enjoy the fullest. Plan your workout regime, try to look after your calorie intake, and see the wonders in other domains of your life too.

Take care of your body and take care of yourself :).

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