The Mastery Manual

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Book Highlights

Title: The Mastery Manual

Author: Robin Sharma

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Jaico Books

Pages: 191 Pages

Difficulty Level:  Easy

The Mastery Manual: Book Review

One of the greatest, and most well-known people in the self-help industry, Robin Sharma has written 15 bestselling books. The Mastery Manual is one of those feathers from his hat. Known for his eloquent way of breaking complex ideas into straightforward rules of success, Robin, in the Mastery Manual, brings 36 modules that take you towards success. The growth is not just professional but personal as well.

The 36 modules in The Mastery Manual are the best thing about it because this makes reading it so much simpler. Each module is short and crisp, bringing you new ideas that are easy to understand. Presenting the short modules makes the Mastery Manual a manual that one can revisit when needed and get solutions. Being the kind of motivator Robin is, the Mastery Manual is full of inspirational quotes from world leaders, which gives a clearer understanding of why they are what they are. Risk-taking is another crucial learning that the book states in detail. It starts by explaining how we do not live our lives to our true potential because of our fears and further illustrates the importance of taking calculated risks in our lives.

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Not all bets will convert into success, but all will teach you something that will stay with you for your entire life. There were other things in the Mastery Manual that caught my attention with an opposing glare in the book, like ‘THE 5 GOLDEN DISCIPLINES OF LIFE MASTERY’ and a few other similar ‘Rules’ I find it challenging to agree with those because I believe each individual is different from another, and no 5 or 500 rules could help everyone achieve mastery of their lives.

 We should and must learn from other people’s lives but never forget that it was someone else’s life, and if a similar problem occurs in our life, the solution could be very different or even the opposite.


A great Idea from the book is to not wait for perfection but to act now. We keep spending too much time sharpening our knives, we may never get to use them. The Mastery Manual succeeds in delivering its message of living a full life that you believe is your destiny and shows you how you have to just unlock everything yourself to get there. 

Although a big part of the Mastery Manual talks about ideas of other people, or quotes from other people or Robin’s own previous books, which makes the book seem a bit cliched and thoughts to be well known, still pandering to a large audience that Robin does, it works like magic.

The Mastery Manual: Book Summary

  1. Guidance to live the best life for yourself.
  2. Developing the leadership to serve the society.
  3. Tackling your fear and coming out victorious.

Who Should Read It?

Anyone who desires to challenge himself/herself or thinks that there is more to life than it currently offers. This book is a way to find things within and you will be answering some important questions about your life to re-align it with your goals.

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The Mastery Manual: Top Quotes

  • The best investment you will ever make is investing in your best self.
  • there is great power in association and we do become deeply affected by the company we keep.
  • The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live

The Mastery Manual Notes

1. What Makes An Elite Performer 👨‍💼

  • They play victor versus victim. Elite people do not fall into the trap of victimhood, they try to change their future by improving their conditions and come out victorious.
  • Focus on worthy and productive issues. They build the products of higher qualities
  • They do what is right for them. Invest their time which they truly believe in.
  • Build human connections. No business thrives without making a connection with its audience, with influential personalities to put their brand forward.
  • Work on adding profound values in their products. They under promise and over deliver.

2. Benefits of Journaling 🗒️

  • Allows you to condense your thoughts and ideas onto paper.
  • Allows you to record your dreams and with the right mindset you are able to take actions on them.
  • Allows you to process emotions.
  • Deepens your understanding with oneself.
  • This process deepens your commitment of constant improvement and progress.

3. Be A Life Long Learner 📚

  • Education is of utmost important. Not the college one, but the education that teaches you life skills.
  • Read books about the great personalities and learn from their life.
  • Learn about public speaking, building relations, anything that improves your potential.

4. The Power Of Your Associations 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾

  • Your associations decides your progress. The kind of people you sit with largely influence you remaining life. Whether they motivate you and push you ahead or they diminish your efforts and let you down.
  • Your network is a powerful tool. It can change you entire trajectory of life. Like if you get in associations with drug addicts, in no time you’ll start doing the same thing.

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5. The Power Of Renewal🌴

  • An elite player remain at the peak of its performance by taking out time for rest. The life does not goes in linear way. You cannot perform with the same efficiency for a long run unless you give your body timely breaks.
  • The renewal time also allows you to address the issues in your life, contemplate what things are not going the right way and how could you improve it.

6. 5 Ways To Run Your Life Like An Elite Performer 💁‍♂️

  • Take out some time every Sunday to plan out the schedule for the next week.
  • Make it mandatory to wake up before the sun to give yourself some alone time to work on your health and nourish your mind.
  • Focus on the important task and delegate the rest.
  • Every morning celebrate 3 wins from the previous days, thus creating a cycle of positivity and motivation.
  • Constantly ask yourself whether the things you are doing is on the right path or not.

7. Gratitude ✨

  • Learn to count your blessings and the positive things in your life.
  • Develop the habit for being grateful and recall them daily whenever you wake up in the morning.
  • This habit creates a process of enjoying little things in life and having a more thoughtful life.
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